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Industrial Conveyor Washer

Conveyor Belt Washer – Industrial Parts Washer – Standard Sizes

TruClean Industrial Parts Washers set the standard for quality, durability, thorough cleaning and minimal maintenance.

ITS offers standard and custom engineered aqueous parts washers.  Standard conveyor washers are available in 4 sizes including 12”,18”, 24” and 30”. Standard models are pre-engineered and are offered with expedited delivery and a lower cost than a custom engineered washer. TruClean conveyor parts washers are available with additional options and the trusted experience of the ITS engineering and manufacturing teams.

Experience Quality AND Savings of an ITS Industrial Parts Washer

  • 4 Standard Sizes; 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″
  • Perfect for Smaller Applications
  • Quality ITS Design
  • Installation and Start-up Services available from our Customer Support Services Division

Industrial Parts Washers

International Thermal Systems has designed  a standard line of belt conveyor washers. By offering four standard sizes, ITS TruClean parts washers are an economical option and provide some of the quickest delivery in the industry. In addition, our TruClean conveyor belt washers are designed to use environmentally safe aqueous (water-based) cleaning solutions for parts cleaning applications.

Engineered for lean manufacturing, the TruClean conveyor washer reduces floor space requirements while providing exceptional cleaning and drying performance. The entire unit has been engineered and manufactured from the ground up to be flexible, durable, simple to use and easy to maintain. For other small applications, ITS offers batch cabinet washers in both front-loading and top-loading units.

Some applications require very specific cleaning and drying parameters and a custom industrial washer is needed to achieve the best cleaning results. ITS can assist and we specialize in engineering for the most difficult cleaning applications.

Industrial Parts Washers

TruClean 12” wide modified standard conveyor belt washer for a small engine manufacturer.  Three stages (1 wash, 1 rinse, 1 rust preventative) with a blow-off after each stage.  This modified standard cleaning system was provided with custom part pallets and exterior material handling conveyor to facilitate parts loading from multiple work cells.  This washer is used for the final cleaning of small engine blocks and other related component prior to assembly.

Industrial Parts Washers

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conveyor cleaning systems


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Flatwire belt conveyor
  • Vertical solution pump
  • Removable CPVC spray risers
  • Quick disconnect type spray nozzles
  • Tank access lids
  • Solution tank drain and overflow
  • Pump protection screens
  • Marine style tank clean out doors
  • Ambient blow-off (Requires one of the optional exhaust systems)
  • Housing access doors
  • Automatic fresh water make-up
  • Stage Isolation Curtains
  • Conveyor stops on each machine end
  • Control panel with disconnect
  • PLC/HMI Controls
Industrial Parts Washer


  • Multiple Stage Configurations Available

Available Belt Width

  • 12in wide (305mm) x 12in high (305mm)
  • 18in wide (457mm) x 18in high (457mm)
  • 24in wide (762mm) x 18in high (457mm
  • 30in wide (762mm) x 24in high (762mm)

Standard Voltage 

  • 460-480/3/60
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  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • HVAC
  • Metalworking and Stamping
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing
  • Transportation


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