Integrate Electrical Design Economically Using the Internet

As the industry is transitioning to Ethernet protocol, there are numerous options allowing the integration of different brand PLCs, HMIs, Drives and related components. The result is the end user has low cost reliable solutions available compared to the historical constraints of requiring the use of a single brand to interface the PLC, HMI and Drives.

The rapid advancement of technology allows manufacturers to build highly reliable low cost hardware (PLC, HMI, Drives) for most industrial equipment when using Ethernet protocol. With these new products, many of the manufacturers provide free or very inexpensive software that is available as a download from the internet and does not require purchasing a license. Additionally, this software provides programming tools that are very user friendly; realistically anyone from maintenance to engineering can perform the programming.

When you can save time and money without sacrificing quality and reliability that equates to a solution worth serious consideration. If you are planning, upcoming applications that you can use Ethernet protocol we encourage clients to consider exploring low cost PLCs, HMIs and Drives. Experience has taught us that with minimal engineering you can save valuable dollars without sacrificing equipment reliability.

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