Industrial Parts Washers from ITS

Industrial Parts Washers

Industrial parts washers in a manufacturing facility are a true workhorse in the production line. Parts washers clean oil, chemicals and dirt from parts of all sizes, trays and even pallets. After the parts are washed, they are ready to move through to the next phase of manufacturing, meeting critical part cleaning specifications.

International Thermal Systems manufactures industrial parts cleaners for a wide variety of industries aerospace, automotive, metal stamping, and more. By clearly defining the process objectives and testing parts cleaning in our R&D lab, we select a parts washer that cleans as specified upon installation and will keep manufacturing running smoothly.

In 2013, ITS acquired the Continental Equipment Corporation. We invite all CEC equipment customers to contact us for replacement parts and machine service.

conveyor cleaning systems

Which washer is the best option for your application? Read the Top 6 Criteria to consider when selecting an aqueous washing system.

Industrial Aqueous Washers – TruClean

ITS has branded our washer line “TruClean Washers” Each washer offers the quality and reliability that only International Thermal Systems delivers.

Our TruClean parts washer line includes conveyor belt washers, cabinet washers, monorail washers, rotary drum washers, case washers and pallet washers. ITS offers both standard sized and custom built equipment. Select a standard washers for quick delivery and a lower cost. When stringent specifications are required, we offer complete custom engineered parts washer solutions.

Industrial Parts Washer

ITS offers parts testing and chemistry recommendations in our ITS Research & Development Lab.

Industrial Parts Washer Manufacturing

ITS delivers the required parts cleaning results

Whether it is a conveyor belt system or a batch washer, ITS listens to the customer to understand the application and determine the best washer equipment solution for the specific washer application.

Custom Conveyor Washer

Custom Washers

To select a custom industrial washer, begin buy clearly defining the requirements of the application and noting any limitations of the facility, including floor space. Consider these 6 factors which impact complexity, size, and overall cost of the washer and will ensure that the best possible washer is selected.

Download a profile on a custom 4 stage conveyor washer with exterior transfer conveyor manufactured for a parts customer and a dual lane conveyor washer that cleans and dries over 4,000 parts per hour.


Monorail Washer

International Thermal Systems specializes in manufacturing parts cleaning equipment designed for integration into a wide variety of monorail conveyor systems. Our TruClean monorail parts washers can accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and custom hanger designs. ITS can build stand-alone or inline spray wash systems for parts cleaning, phosphatizing, pre-paint cleaning and a variety of other processes.

rotary drum washer

Rotary Drum Washers

Continuous rotary drum washers are designed to combine the gentle tumbling action with both immersion and spray to thoroughly clean, drain and dry unique parts.  Continuous drum washers are best suited to process small to medium size parts that can be processed in bulk.  TruClean Rotary drum washers are ideal for the continuous processing of medium to high volume production rates.

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