Industries Served

International Thermal Systems manufactures an extensive line of industrial ovens, furnaces and washers for a wide range of industries.

Industrial Ovens
Designed for heat processing applications less than 1,000° F. that require curing, annealing, tempering, drying and more.

Industrial Heat Treating Furnaces
Designed to heat treat parts over 1,000° F and up to 3,300° F. Furnaces are often used for large, heavy parts that may require additional handling. Options include car bottom furnaces and drop bottom furnaces.

Industrial Washers
Parts Washers clean and prepare parts for final finishing. Available in batch and continuous process configurations.

ITS offers complete solutions and offers the knowledge and expertise to be a trusted partner.


ITS is a proud partner of the aerospace industry. We work closely with the military, government and commercial aerospace customers. We manufacture ovens and furnaces that require tight tolerances and meet NADCAP, AS9100 and AMS2750E standards . Our line of ovens and furnaces is extensive and includes Composite Curing Ovens, Drop Bottom Aluminum Heat Treat Furnaces and Horizontal Quench Heat Treat Furnaces.


ITS provides ovens and parts washers for the automotive industry and suppliers. For continuous processing applications, conveyor ovens and conveyor washers are manufactured for parts of all sizes.

Automotive Parts Cleaning is easily achieved with our wide range of industrial parts washers engineered in single to multi-stage configurations.


The composites industry is a rapidly growing market and ITS has developed a complete out of autoclave composite curing system for small and large applications. The system includes the batch oven, multi-part thermocouples and vacuum system with controls. Our experienced engineers have developed proprietary air flow systems for composite curing systems and the results are proven by the high quality finished parts.

Heat Treating

ITS manufactures a wide range of heat treating furnaces including car bottom furnaces and drop bottom furnaces. We work closely with the aerospace, mining, aluminum industry and more. We offer box furnaces in many sizes for a variety of applications including electronics and foundry. ITS furnaces are designed to achieve tight tolerances resulting in the best parts possible. Learn more about our industrial furnace capabilities.

Industrial Baking

International Thermal Systems manufactures industrial ovens for high production food processing facilities. Our continuous process conveyor ovens are used to bake pitas, tortillas, pretzels, flat breads and chips. Industrial batch ovens are used to cure sausage or jerky.


Hemp Drying Ovens

CBD industry is booming and with the increased demand, hemp producers will require larger and faster processing equipment. ITS manufactures both batch and conveyor ovens that are used for large scale production hemp drying. Air flow is critical to drying hemp so it is important to work with an hemp drying oven manufacturer that specializes in air flow design.

ITS manufacturers ovens for the military


ITS is a trusted supplier to the military and supply industrial ovens and furnaces for the industry. Both batch and conveyor ovens are used in military applications  With the many options available, ITS is ready to assist.

metal stamping parts washer


ITS industrial ovens and furnaces process metal parts and stampings and our industrial parts washers clean the parts before the final stage of manufacturing. ITS manufactures aqueous parts washers in batch, conveyor, rotary drum and monorail washers. With the many options available, ITS is ready to assist.


For over forty years, International Thermal Systems has provided cleaning and heat processing solutions to the food, beverage and aerosol can manufacturers around the world. We continue to innovate, delivering solutions with ever increasing efficiency, smaller footprints and lower energy consumption.


For facilities including hotels, schools, prisons, and casinos, ITS manufactures latent heat storage Units or Ice Builders which produce and store ice until needed by the application. Ice builders are commonly used in the HVAC, dairy, foam production, and food processing industries.

Guides to Selecting Industrial Ovens and Washers

Our team has created two guides available for download to help users select an industrial oven or industrial washer. Reading both guides will answer questions and help you feel better prepared as you begin the purchase process. Reach out to the ITS team to answer any additional questions and discuss your application.

Selecting an Industrial Oven for your Application

Download the Industrial Oven Selection, Configuration and Operations Guide to help navigate the process of purchasing a new oven for your facility. Written by our engineers and sales team, the guide discusses the key criteria to consider including batch vs. continuous, belt options and air flow design.

Industrial Parts Washers

Selecting an Industrial Parts Washer for your Application

Download the Industrial Parts Washer Selection, Configuration, and Operations Best Practices Guide and learn about the process of building a parts washer. From design to installation, the guide contains information and tips to help make the purchasing process easy to execute.

Contact the ITS Team

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