Humidity Drying Chamber

HydroCureTM Humidity Drying Chamber

International Thermal Systems HydroCure™ Combination Humidity/Drying Chambers are recognized in the battery industry as the leader in reliability, innovative and intuitive operator friendly design. ITS has installed 1000’s of HydroCure™ Combination Humidity/Drying Chambers throughout the world.

HydroCure Humidity Drying Chamber

Watch and learn about the features of the HydroCure drying chamber and why it is the industry leader.

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Stack pallets of plates in the sleek, upright design of the HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber.

For the accelerated curing process of lead acid battery plates, you need the HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber.

The purpose of a HydroCure™ Combination Humidity Drying Chamber is to dry and cure the freshly pasted plate grid. Pallets of plates are stacked in the sleek, upright design of the HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber easily.  A proprietary High Velocity Nozzle integral design in the supply duct ensures proper crystal growth.

There are many challenges in operating a battery production line efficiently. Proper utilization of the curing chambers’ design and size can be a challenge. If the chamber design is undersized, the production rate will fall short. If the curing chamber is over-sized, excessive curing time cycles will occur. An undersized or over-sized chamber causes a bottleneck in production rates.

HydroCure from ITS

Try the NEW Laboratory HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber

Are you looking to fine tune your curing and drying process?  Do you need to create a new profile for a new product? Then the Laboratory HydroCure™ is the chamber for you.

The new Laboratory HydroCure™ is available in a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft (610mm x 610mm x 610mm) chamber size. The Laboratory HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber offers all the features of the larger standard chambers. You can be confident your profile will migrate seamlessly to the plant floor.

The Laboratory HydroCure™ is PLC controlled with an easy-to-use operator interface. Use a USB Card to create and load up to twenty custom profiles. Trending in real time appears on the operator interface screen.

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  • Various models for optimum pallet configuration
  • Heavy industrial construction
  • Optimum airflow recirculation and exhaust systems
  • Durable synthetic door
  • Humidity atomizers
  • Instruments and controls mounted in a prewired NEMA 12 control panel
  • NFPA Compliant
HydroCure from International Thermal Systems


  • The system incorporates a combination wet wick tray/float tank
  • Numerous heat source configurations are available
  • The HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber will carry an 12-month extended manufacturer’s warranty from the date of shipment
  • We manufacture the HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber worldwide.
  • HydroCure™ is Intuitive and Operator Friendly


  • Optional: PLC with Ethernet, steam generator, CE certification, powered exhaust
  • 5 Pallet HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber
  • 10 Pallet HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber
  • 20 Pallet HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber
  • Custom HydroCure™ Humidity Drying Chamber


  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Locomotive
  • Truck
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Golf Cart
  • Wheel Chair

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