Industrial Ovens

Industrial Ovens

International Thermal Systems manufactures industrial ovens for a wide range of industries and applications. An industrial oven is designed to heat up to 1,000° F and can be used for many process heating applications.  Process Heating is defined as heating to a specified temperature and holding the temperature for a specified amount of time to achieve a change in the material’s properties or state.

Industrial Oven Manufacturer

ITS engineers are experts in heat treat processes and will design an industrial oven specifically for your application.


Standard vs. Custom Engineered Ovens

Standard equipment for your application? Contact ITS to determine if a standard oven is a good fit with your industrial process. ITS manufactures standard batch and conveyor ovens in a variety of sizes. Standard ovens are an excellent choice and offer proven, tested performance, fast delivery and at a reduced price compared to a custom engineered machine. 

Selecting an Industrial Oven for your Application

Download the Industrial Oven Selection, Configuration and Operations Guide to help navigate the process of purchasing a new oven for your facility. Written by our engineers and sales team, the guide discusses the key criteria to consider including batch vs. continuous, belt options and air flow design.

Batch Ovens

Batch Ovens

Batch Ovens process products one at a time or in a single group. Industrial batch ovens are used for a wide variety of heat processes including drying, curing, aging, annealing, stress relieving, bonding, tempering, preheating, and forming. Batch ovens are walk in ovens with insulated doors that process products one at a time or in groups (“batches”). The part(s) to be heated are brought into the oven in batches on racks, carts, or trucks. Production requirements can accommodate manual or automated loading. As production rates per hour increase, a conveyor oven may be the best option.

continuous process ovens

Conveyor Ovens

Industrial Conveyor Ovens can be used for a wide variety of heat processes including drying, curing, aging, annealing, stress relieving, bonding, tempering, preheating and forming. Continuous Conveyor Ovens offer labor savings and material handling efficiency over typical batch processes.  Continuous conveyors can be overhead, belt, powered roller, chain or slat. Continuous process provides inherently higher throughput and continuous conveyor ovens can be designed with multiple zones operating at different temperatures.

annealing batch ovens

Annealing Ovens

Annealing Ovens  soften parts by heating to and holding at a suitable temperature followed by cooling at a controlled rate. Annealing is used to reduce hardness, increase ductility and help eliminate internal stresses.

Calcining Oven

Calcining Ovens

The function of a Calcining Oven is to heat solid materials or ores to induce phase transition, or for removal of a volatile fraction or crystalline water as water vapor. The system can be specially designed to accommodate a controlled heat-up and release rate from the product.

composite curing ovens

Composite Curing Ovens

Composite Curing Ovens are used to cure high strength, low weight carbon composite materials. Carbon fiber is light, yet stronger than steel and is used to manufacture aerospace, automotive, windpower and many other parts including fishing rods. ITS offers complete out of autoclave composite curing solutions.

Core wash drying oven

Core Wash Drying Ovens

The purpose of the Core Wash Drying Oven is to dry core wash coating applied to sand cores. The process will eliminate the space and time required for the ambient air drying of sand cores. Core wash drying ovens are used in the foundry industry.


Curing Ovens

The function of a Curing Oven is to raise the product mass and coated material to a specified temperature and holds this temperature for a set time. Curing Ovens cure parts, coatings, and adhesives. Depending upon the process and production requirements, a Batch or Conveyor configuration can be engineered.

Drying Oven Manufacturing

Drying Ovens

The function of a Industrial Drying Oven is to remove moisture from a product. Depending upon the process and production requirement, a Batch or Conveyor configuration is available. To meet both process and safety requirements, the exhaust system is engineered to accommodate specific moisture release rates. Multiple heat zone configurations can be provided to maximize drying efficiency.

Food Processing and Baking Ovens

International Thermal Systems manufactures industrial ovens for high production food processing facilities. Our continuous process conveyor ovens are used to bake pitas, tortillas, pretzels, flat breads and chips. Industrial batch ovens are used to cure sausage or jerky.

Hemp drying ovens

Hemp Drying Ovens

The hemp drying process is a critical step and should begin as soon as possible after the plant is harvested to allow for the highest quality product. ITS manufactures batch and conveyor ovens for the cannibas industry.


Hydrogen Embrittlement Ovens

For high strength metal parts, the Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Oven removes the Hydrogen infused during the cleaning and plating process. The Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Oven is available in either a Batch Oven or Continuous Conveyor configuration.


Preheat Ovens

A Preheat Oven is used in a variety of processes that require heating the product prior to a secondary process such as forming, coating, fitting or welding. The Preheat Oven is available in either a Batch or Conveyor configuration.

Tempering Ovens

Tempering ovens are used to improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it. Tempering serves as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force.

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