Metal Packaging

ITS Cleaning and Heat Processing Solutions

For over forty years, International Thermal Systems Metal Packaging Division has provided cleaning and heat processing solutions to the food, beverage and aerosol can manufacturers around the world. We continue to innovate, delivering solutions with ever increasing efficiency, smaller footprints and lower energy consumption.

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International Thermal Systems Can Washer

Trident Can Washer will reduce maintenance time and costs.
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Two piece can washer

The multiple stage Can Washers clean the interior and exterior surfaces of cans in the beverage and food can industries.

dry off oven

The Dry Off Oven will completely dry the interior and exterior of the can.

ITS offers a variety of Dryer Ovens for can closure sealing compounds, these include: Can End Dryer Ovens, Cap Dryer Ovens, and Vertical Cap Dryer Ovens.

The Internal Bake Oven (IBO) will complete the cure on the over varnish, ink, and inside coating on aluminum or steel cans.

OBO Metal Packaging

The Outside Bake Oven (OBO) is designed to cure external coatings onto steel or aluminum cans. The VACTRANS® is a vacuum loading device that transfers cans from an infeed conveyor to the entrance of a cure oven.

Pin Ovens Metal Packaging

The patented 7.10™ Pin Oven thermally cross links the exterior coating on aluminum or steel beverage cans for base coat or decorating applications.

wicket oven for metal packaging

The purpose of the Wicket Oven is to cure the coating applied to one side of tinplate, aluminum or steel sheets.

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