International Thermal Systems’ Humidity Sensing Retrofit is Available for Humidity Controlled Chambers, ITS Hydrocures© and Lead Acid Curing Chambers

ITS Humidity Control Sensing Retrofit

International Thermal Systems can help you modernize your temperature and humidity control and sensing with the latest technology that best fits your performance and maintenance needs with the Humidity Sensing Retrofit.

Curing chambers typically use one of two methods to control and sense humidity and temperature in the chamber throughout the cycle. One being the wet bulb / dry bulb approach using a wet wick tray, and the other using a digital calibrated sensor. By analyzing airflow and equipment type, ITS will evaluate your equipment to bring your curing chambers up to date with the best technology for your system. If you are an owner of multiple generations of heating equipment, you may have mismatched sensors across your facility. This upgrade will bring each of your units up to contemporary standards and afford you commonality throughout your facility.


  • Digital humidity and temperature sensing
  • Seamlessly integrates with your control system
  • Dual probe design for accurate measurements
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency of your system
  • Duct diffuser will allow duct monitoring in high airflow areas
  • Kit includes quick access test ports to allow for quick spot checks during planned maintenance
  • Commonality of service SOPs and spare parts


  • Pre-engineered kits for quick transformation including:
  • Wet wick tray Water supply Probe mounts
  • Recommended spare parts kit
  • Installation by ITS factory trained technicians

This simple retrofit provides unified chamber control and monitoring with a turnkey installation completed in as little as 1 day. Contact us today to discuss your needs 414-902-5300.

Click here to download the full product bulletin now

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