Wicket Oven

The Wicket Oven is designed to cure inks and coating to aluminum or tinplate steel sheets.

The oven will receive the sheets after printing/coating and will then convey the sheets through the oven via the conveyor system. While in the oven, uniform hot recirculated air will be supplied to perform the curing process. Upon completion of being processed in the oven, the cans will then be presented to a customer supplied take-away conveyor.
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Wicket Oven

The purpose of the Wicket Oven is to cure the coating applied to one side of tinplate, aluminum or steel sheets.

The Wicket Oven derives its name from the wicket carrier that actually supports the non-coated side of the material in a vertical orientation while transported through each zone of the oven.

The coated side of the material sheet is exposed to our proprietary air management system at an angle that is best suited for uniform curing.

Since the material sheet is transported in a vertical orientation, the oven chamber can hold a large volume of material.

Once the material exits the cooling zone and delivered to the material handling unit, wickets enter a preheat zone to achieve their desired temperature before entering the sheet loading station.

The Wicket Oven can be engineered to accommodate various material sheet sizes, cure time and temperature.

To minimize energy consumption the Wicket Oven can be manufactured with higher density insulated walls. The addition of thicker insulated walls will reduce the shell loss by approximately 32%.

To further minimize energy consumption costs, our proprietary ITS Sleep Mode™ is an optional programming feature.

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Wicket Oven Features include:

  • Proprietary supply nozzle design achieves uniform airflow throughout the heating chamber
  • Access doors located along the length of the chamber for access to the oven interior above and below the belt
  • Explosion relieve provided along roof and sides
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Flat wire wickets with vented runner & nickel plated
  • Wicket rail package
  • Wicket washer
  • Cooling zone
  • Wicket pre-heat zone
  • Allen-Bradley programmable controller with HMI
  • Honeywell UDC-3200 Series temperature controller
  • Honeywell circular chart recorder


Wicket Oven Specifications

  • Production Rate Speeds up to 125 sheets per minute (7,500 SPH)
  • Maximum Sheet Size 48”x48” (1219.2mm x 1219.2mm) custom sizes available upon request
  • Product Handling Flat wire or Patented Tubular Design
    Chain – 1” or 1.25”
  • Heating Zones 3-4 Zones
  • Cooling Zones 16’ to 30’ (16m to 9.1m) length
  • Recirculation Plug style fans
  • Exhaust General purpose fan
  • Electrical Service 220 – 690 volts, 3 phase, 50-60 Hz
  • Heating Equipment Natural gas – Maxon OVENPAK® burner
  • Turn-down ratio 30 to 1
  • Utility Requirements Natural Gas: 1,000 SCFH @ 1-5 PSI / 1,000 BTU/CU FT; Propane Gas: 400 SCFH @ 1-5 PSI / 2,500 BTU/CU FT
  • Maximum Operating 430º F (232º C)
  • Oven Construction
    Built with heavy gauge aluminized steel
    High-density energy-saving insulation
    Panel type construction
    Personnel access to the interior of the oven, fan, and burner chamber
    Designed to meet NFPA and CE requirements
  • Oven Access Doors
    One (1) access door will be provided in the heater box and two (2) personnel access doors in the oven body per zone


  • Food Can Manufacturing
Aerospace industry


Wicket Oven from ITS 

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