Case Studies

Each project is unique and requires varying processes, temperatures and time to create a machine that operates at maximum efficiency after installation, and for many years thereafter. Our team is happy to share a few summaries from past projects to help provide insight and ideas for available options.

ITS Heat Treating and Aqueous Washer Projects

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Industrial Conveyor Ovens – Belt Options

Continuous Ovens for Heat Processing Conveyor Belt Options | ITS Tech Talk

Download the Conveyor Belt Tech Talk

Batch Oven for Powder Coating

Powder Coating Ovens Tutorial

Batch Ovens and Continuous Ovens for Powder Coating

Download the Powder Coating Oven Tutorial

Industrial Batch Oven Case Study

Annealing Batch Ovens for the Plastics Industry

Download Annealing batch Ovens Case Study

Car Bottom Furnace, Stress Relieving Furnace

Industrial Furnace Case Study

Car Bottom Furnace for the Mining Industry

Download Car Bottom Furnace Case Study

Conveyor Industrial Belt Washer from ITS

Industrial Parts Washer Case Study

Conveyor Washer for Food Processing

Download the Conveyor Washer Case Study 

multi-stage conveyor washer

Industrial Conveyor Washer Case Study

Custom Conveyor Washer for Automotive Industry

Download the Custom Conveyor Washer Case Study

Out of Autoclave Composite Curing Oven Tutorial

Out of Autoclave Composite Curing Oven

Is an OOA composite curing oven a good fit for your application? Read the tutorial to learn the basics of the out of autoclave system.

OOA Composite Curing Tutorial

Cooling Tunnel

ITS Cooling Tunnel – Cast Iron and Enamel

A cooling tunnel will lower the temperature of a hot part at a controlled rate to avoid any damage to the part.

Download the ITS Cooling Tunnel Case Study

Dry off oven for metal packaging

Questions on what type of equipment is best for your application? Want to learn more about heat processing or aqueous washing? Contact ITS for a consultation for your specific application.