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ITS Industrial Heat Treatment Furnaces

For every application that requires heat processing, the Industrial Products Division will design an industrial furnace or oven to exact standards with reliable, repeatable results. Focused on the specific needs of diverse industries, our experienced engineers create heat-processing solutions ranging from annealing to calcining and from epoxy curing to thermal degreasing.

Box Furnaces process products one at a time or in a single group at temperatures over 1100°F (592°C). ITS Box Furnaces are typically used for smaller loads that can be loaded into the furnace manually. Currently, ITS offers custom-designed box furnaces and we recently launched our TruTemp Box furnace which offers standard configurations. The furnaces can be gas-fired or electric, and ITS can furnish box furnaces with temperatures to 1800°C (3272°F). Recirculation systems can be added for improved temperature uniformity. In addition, the furnaces can be furnished with an inert atmosphere package.

Car Bottom Furnaces feature a manual or automated load car to process large and heavy products. ITS TruTemp standard car bottom furnaces are an excellent solution to process large and heavy materials, from welded fabrications and forgings to spun products and plates. Processes include heat treating, homogenizing, annealing, preheating and stress relieving to name a few. Industries served are aerospace, oil drilling, steel mills, automotive, military and many more. Materials processed include aluminum, steel, cast iron, titanium and others. Besides the standard gas-fired standard line, ITS offers electric and custom sizes as well.

A Clam Shell Furnace, also known as a Tip Up Furnace, features a pivoting furnace body to allow overhead crane loading and unloading of the parts. ITS Tip-Up Furnaces are an excellent solution to process large and heavy materials. The tip-up feature allows the user to load the furnace with an overhead crane, which is important if there is not enough floor space to utilize a car-bottom furnace. The furnaces can be designed and built for inert atmosphere operation for up-and-coming processes like Ferritic Nitro Carburizing (FNC). ITS can furnish these furnaces at temperatures to 2600°F.

Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat Furnace brings component parts to an elevated temperature and then rapidly transfer them to a quench (liquid or air) system. Learn more about maintaining tight tolerances while heat treating.   Drop-bottom furnaces are used to solution heat treat aluminum alloys. The furnaces are typically used when very fast water quench times are required. The furnaces are designed to meet all requirements of Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) and Boeing Aircraft (BAC) specifications. The quenching solutions can include water, glycol, oil, or air. Because of the height of these systems, they are typically installed in a pit. The quench tank and load/unload station is typically mounted on a moveable cart underneath the furnace. Rinse stations for glycol quenching are available as well.

Stress Relief Furnaces relieve stresses in materials generated by welding, machining, or heat processing.

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