Aqueous Parts Washer – Custom Conveyor Systems

ITS configures, builds and delivers custom industrial conveyor parts washers and cleaning systems, training and support for manufacturers, metal stampers, fabricators and finishers who are building or upgrading a facility, seeking more throughput capability, or who have a need to replace substandard equipment.

We offer single to multi-stage configurations, and can manufacture belt widths to exacting customer specifications with flat wire, balanced weave, mesh or various non-metallic materials handling designs and options for heat mediums include electric, gas, LPG or hot water and steam.

We work in dozens of different industries and have built, installed and help maintain industrial parts washers worldwide. From operational managers to the C-suite, our customers give us glowing recommendations for the quality of our technical and engineering capabilities to the integrity of the business relationship we strive to earn.

Does your application require general cleaning? A standard parts washer may be a good choice. ITS also manufactures standard conveyor washers and standard batch washers as well.

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Building an Industrial Parts Washer

To help with the selection of your custom parts washer, the ITS team has created a guide that will navigate you through the entire process from quoting to manufacturing to delivery. By following the recommended steps, you can be assured that your washer will be delivered on-time and ready to run when installed. Download the guide 6 Steps to Building an Industrial Washer.

Custom Conveyor Washer Video

Learn more about ITS and our custom engineered washer capabilities for industrial applications., part size, uniformity requirements and process.

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Custom Parts Washer – Overview

Our team of a PhD engineer, mechanical and electrical engineers, material handling experts and highly experienced aqueous washing specialists design, configure and install custom conveyor belt washers that are ideal for manual operations or integration with automatic conveyance systems, and for either batch processing or a continuous product flow process. Our industrial parts washers are designed to use environmentally safe aqueous (water-based) cleaning solutions for parts cleaning applications.

From large stampings just off the press, to intricate valve bodies in need of final cleaning, ITS’ conveyor belt washers are engineered, constructed and tested with exacting attention to your specific needs. Whether your application calls for a basic, small footprint wash and dry-off oven, or a fully automated and integrated final cleaning system, we’ll design, build and install a conveyor washer that will serve you for years to come. For an example, read the case study for a metal casting and machining customer

For design, component selection and reputation for durability, we’re the leader in custom conveyor washer technology.

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TruClean 72” wide custom conveyor belt washer for a cookware manufacturer.  5 stages (1 wash, 1 rinse, 1 DI rinse, 1 oven, 1 cool-down).  This washer is designed and used to provide a final clean, dry and cool down for high end cookware prior to packaging.



  • Stainless steel construction
  • Belt, Monorail, Drum or Table Type Design
  • Single and Multi-Stage Configurations
  • Nema 12 Control Panel w/PLC & HMI Control
  • Multiple Heating Configurations
  • Ambient or Hot Air Blow-Off
  • Automatic Tank Level Controls
TruClean Custom Conveyor Washer


  • Housing & Tank Access Doors
  • Vertical Pumps
  • Pump Protection Screens
  • CPVC Piping
  • Removable & Adjustable Spray Piping
  • Powered Exhaust
  • Variable Speed Conveyor Drive


  • Customized Conveyors and Part Handling
  • Additional Process Stages (2nd Wash, Rinse, Rust Preventative)
  • Oil Removal Systems
  • Solution Filtration
  • Tubeaxial or Mist Eliminator Exhaust
  • Chemical Make Up/Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Specialty Material Handling




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