International Thermal System (ITS)……. a company steeped in thermal heat processing and aqueous cleaning applications for over 90 years.

ITS’ roots run deep providing innovative leading thermal processing and aqueous cleaning equipment on a global scale. Dedicated professionals and tradesmen are part of product specific groups allowing ITS to better understand our clients’ needs in the Battery, Industrial Product, Metal Packaging, and Industrial Washer industries. Evidence of this statement is found in the collective companies that make up ITS today: LTG, CEC, IHEI, and OSI.

LTG Technologies was established in Germany in 1926 and is the genesis for ITS. Serving the metal packaging industry for over 50 years, LTG expanded into the USA in the 1990’s with a sales and engineering presence. In the later part of the 90’s LTG began an expansion mode acquiring IHEI in 1998 and OSI in 1999. In 2010, ITS purchased the LTG interests of IHEI, OSI, and the 2 piece sector of LTG.

Continental Equipment Company (CEC) was founded in 1960 and remained within the ownership of the founding family until it was acquired by ITS in 2012. CEC established itself as a solution provider in the industrial washer market providing a wide range of washers for the dairy, food, automotive, aerospace, and metal preparation industries. With an eye for cost conscious cleaning solutions, CEC clients continue to partner with ITS.

Industrial Heat Enterprises International (IHEI) was established in 1974 and grew to be recognized as a national leader in providing thermal and cleaning solutions in the Industrial Product sector that focused in the heat transfer, converting, aerospace, small engine, and automotive industries. IHEI was acquired by LTG (now ITS) in 1998 and has since expanded its footprint in the above industries on a global scale.

Oven Systems Incorporated (OSI) was established in 1962 and acquired by LTG (now ITS) in 1999. OSI provided product innovation and leadership in the Battery, Industrial Product, and Metal Packaging industries. OSI established itself as the premier global supplier in the Battery and Metal Packaging industries gaining multiple patents. ITS continues this global leadership tradition with multiple new patents and product innovations since acquiring OSI in 2010.

ITS has successfully integrated four world class organizations into one company with locations in the USA, Europe, and China. This gives ITS more engineering, manufacturing, service, and R&D resources than our competitors. This competitive advantage allows ITS to sustain innovation and leadership in the industries we serve. As history shows and clients will testify, a partnership with ITS is a powerful one.

ITS Drone Tour of New Facility and Equipment
ITS moved into a larger and more modern facility one year ago. This video captures the size of the facility and the machines the team are building!

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