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ITS Ice Builder Systems

International Thermal Systems Ice Builder Division manufactures Latent Heat Storage Units for the HVAC, Dairy, and Food Processing industries. We offer an excellent range of Ice Builder models featuring air agitation for use with all popular refrigerants and stored refrigeration for product cooling.

The Latent Heat Storage Unit or Ice Builder produces ice. Large quantities of refrigeration can be stored in a relatively small space. The ice can be produced during periods of low demand for refrigeration or electrical energy.

An advantage of these thermal energy storage systems occurs when working from a reserve, the system capacity is not lost should a compressor breakdown.

For certain heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications, the units can be used for storing cold and heat. The cold is stored as both latent and sensible heat while the heat is sensible heat only. This is accomplished by using the ice building coil as a condenser to heat the water in the tank.

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