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Heat Treating and Aqueous Wash Testing for ITS Customers

Belt Washer at ITS
International Thermal Systems is unmatched with a full-time Research and Development Laboratory directed by a US Patent holder with a Ph.D in Thermal Science. Complete heat processing and aqueous washing tests are conducted in our R & D Laboratory to develop or confirm the process parameters prior to engineering and manufacturing.

Heat Treating R&D Equipment and Capabilities 

  • Gas fired two-zone conveyor oven with adjustable 4-sided air flow up to 4,000 FPM and 1,100°F
  • Ambient air cooler with adjustable top and side air flow up to 4,000 FPM
  • Proprietary heat transfer computer software and commercial CFD software are used to simulate the heating process with proven accuracy
  • Infrared camera to capture the thermal image or video of the operating equipment
  • Radiation and induction heating equipment
  • Motor varnish test equipment
  • Powder coating equipment

Aqueous Washing R&D Equipment and Capabilities

  • Belt Washer to test and prove applications before machine is built
  • Wash pump delivers up to 158 GPM and pressure up to 40 PSI
  • High pressure blower providing blow-off air velocity up to 16,000 FPM
  • Weight scale with accuracy of 0.001 grams for solvent, oil spraying/removing applications

About the ITS Research and Development Lab

The ITS R & D department is one of a kind in the heat process and aqueous washing industry.

Before the customer commits to any equipment purchase, they may want to know their product’s thermal profile or washing process in advance. At ITS, with the versatile lab oven and lab washer, coupled with in-house heat transfer program and commercial CFD software, we can develop or confirm the heating/washing process with the customer by providing scientific results, with or sometimes without, the actual parts. Therefore, the customer has peace of mind before the PO is issued.

After the PO, R & D will work with the engineering department to make sure of delivering the necessary heat process or washing parameters.

The R&D lab is a valuable resource for ITS because we can dedicate the time to help our customers solve specific application issues. We are able to test new ideas, new processes and therefore provide solutions that improve the customer’s process.

Another role of the R & D department is to continually explore new methods and technology to keep ITS at the leading edge of the thermal processing industry.


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ITS Research & Development Lab 

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