Case Washer (Double Lane and Single Lane)

Case Washer Double Lane
Industrial Crate Washer

Industrial crate washers designed for fast and thorough cleaning of dairy and beverage cases. Single and double lane configurations manufactured by International Thermal Systems.

The International Thermal Systems Case Washers are designed for superior cleaning of dairy and beverage cases and tote boxes. Typical plastic and wire case sizes measure 13″ long x 13″ wide x 11″ high. Case washers are available in single and double lane versions to accommodate the production rate of the operation. International Thermal Systems’ exclusive “Zig-Zag” guide rails expose the leading and trailing edge of the cases to powerful sprays which also allow complete cleaning of the fronts and backs. Case washer systems are available with either powered or manual conveyors. ITS engineers have designed a case washer that will not only provide a superior cleaning of your product, but will also minimize production down-time, provide easier access and reduced maintenance times.

International Thermal Systems
Case Washers Single and Double Lane

Our case washers utilize wash dwell time, cleaning chemistry, solution temperature and spray pressure to achieve this superior cleaning. This high pressure spray cleaning uses Vee-Jet nozzles to scour the surfaces of the cases, stripping away imbedded soils. These spray nozzles are properly positioned to clean all surfaces of the case as it passes through the washer system. All wash and/or rinse stages of our washers have been designed as recirculating solution stages unless otherwise noted.

All of our case washers include a pre-wired electrical control system. The door mounted push buttons, indicating lights and temperature controls are also included. Marine style clean-out doors provide convenient access to the lower tank for cleaning. Large housing doors with mechanical seals (no gasket) provide ample access to the spray-housing interior.

Some additional items that are included on our case washers are: quick-disconnect couplers, caps and nozzles on the spray manifolds, double filter screens (for the Double Lane models) allowing one screen to be cleaned while the other remains in place to protect the pump and nozzles, an automatic water make-up system for solution tanks and manually controlled solution temperature dials for proper temperature control and operator convenience.

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