Car bottom furnace - industrial furnace

Car Bottom Furnaces

ITS designs, builds and installs car bottom furnaces for companies in the aerospace, oil drilling, steel, automotive, military and other industries.

The design of a Car Bottom Furnace incorporates a rail mounted product car to transfer parts into and out of the furnace. Our car bottom furnaces deliver unparalleled results for processing large and heavy industrial materials, from welded fabrications and forgings to spun products and plates. We have earned a reputation for excellence in heat-treatment of large and heavy welded fabrications such as gear blanks, oil drill pipe, drive shafts, and similar type products.

Why ITS?

Our clients that have built a new facility, upgraded or replaced a unit with an ITS car bottom solution have found that ITS’ engineering expertise, attention to detail, and “just right” pricing is a winning combination.

From executive offices concerned about return on investment and customer satisfaction, to operations and floor managers seeking durability, minimal down time and multiple applications, the ITS TruTemp™ Car Bottom Furnace delivers more than just promises. We deliver results.

Car Bottom Furnace - Industrial Furnace

Car Bottom Furnace Case Study – Mining Industry

Our customer in the mining industry purchased a Car Bottom Furnace to process gear blanks. Read to learn how the car bottom furnace increased output for the customer.

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The ITS TruTemp™ Car Bottom Furnace can process materials like aluminum, steel, cast iron, titanium and others, and has many established standard design features, such as vertical lift doors, rail mounted load cars, multiple upper and lower chamber gas fired burner arrangements and multi-layered insulation techniques with offset seams.

ITS offers four standard sized car bottom furnaces that operate up to 1200 Deg. Standard sized units offer quick delivery and a reduced cost compared to a custom engineered furnace. If your application requires a custom car bottom furnace, ITS is ready to assist. Contact us for a quotation.

Car bottom furnace by International Thermal Systems
car bottom furnace


  • 24/7 factory direct technical service and spare parts group
  • Burner safety equipment
  • Design considerations for easy access to process areas and oven components
  • Factory tested to ensure on time delivery and field start up
  • Furnace chamber and hi-limit temperature controllers
  • High-efficiency (gas or electric) heat sources to reduce energy costs
  • Meets temperature uniformity requirements of API Multi-layered insulation packages
  • NEMA 12 Control Panel (machine-mounted)


  • Multi-function electronic timer with end-of-cycle indicator light (on control panel)
  • NEMA style control panels
  • Optional high pressure recirculation fans with high efficiency motors to reduce energy consumption
  • Private labeled and purchased components meet UL, UR, and CE standards
  • Robust structural furnace framework
  • Single button E-stop on control panel
  • Standard temperature uniformities at ±15°F


In addition to these standard features, the ITS TruTemp™ Car Bottom Furnace has other design and customization options, described in our downloadable brochure.

Call (414-672-7700) or contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll design and configure a solution that will exceed your expectations for price, quality, and results.

Or, connect with us here to request a quote today.


TruTemp™ Car bottom Typical Heat Processing Application(s)

  • Burn-off
  • Die Preheating
  • Stress Relief
  • Tempering

Heat Processing Applications

  • Forming Dies
  • Steel Weld Fabrications
  • Steel Alloys

Industry Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Oil Drilling
  • Steel Mills
  • Automotive
  • Military
Aerospace industry


Car Bottom Furnace
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