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The TruTemp™ Box Furnaces are an excellent solution to heat treat a wide variety of materials, from welded fabrications and forgings, to spun products and plates. Processes include tempering, hardening, normalizing, annealing, preheating and stress relieving.

Economical operation is achieved with superior thermal process engineering practices that apply state-of-the-art insulation material, airflow management, and custom programming.

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Box Furnaces process products one at a time or in a single group at temperatures over 1100°F (592°C).

A Box Furnace features a vertical lift or swing out door allowing the various sized product(s) to be placed in the furnace. Box Furnaces are utilized for heat-treating, calcining, curing, annealing, stress relieving, preheating, tempering, and other high temperature thermal processes. Multiple zone heating technology can be integrated to maintain exceptional part temperature uniformity, and achieve ramp/soak heating and cooling profiles.

The TruTemp™ Box Furnace has many established design features, such as vertical lift doors, energy efficient insulation, fully proportional gas and electric heat, heavy duty cast hearth and piers and state-of-the art control packages.

The TruTemp™ Box Furnace has standard designs to 2250°F and can be customized for each individual application up to 3300°F. In addition, all furnaces are available with optional inert gas and recirculation systems.

Each Industrial Furnace project undergoes a comprehensive evaluation of every production requirement. The assessment includes areas such as production goals, part configuration and construction, part mass, temperature profile, and facility location or elevation.

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  • Standard designs to 2000°F
  • Gas and electric versions
  • Heavy plate construction
  • Accepts heavy loads
  • Energy efficient ceramic fiber insulation
  • NEMA 12 Control Panel (machine-mounted)
  • Electric vertical lift door
  • Single button E-stop on control panel
  • Burner safety equipment
  • Furnace chamber and hi-limit microprocessor based temperature controllers
  • Electric version SCR controlled
  • Heavy duty piers with optional hearth
Industrial Furnace | Box Furnace


  • Electric heaters arranged for maximum coverage
  • SCR controlled
  • NEMA 12 Control Panel (machine-mounted)
  • Multi-function electronic timer with end-of-cycle indicator light (on control panel)
  • Single button E-stop on control panel
  • Oven chamber and hi-limit temperature controller
  • Standard temperature uniformities at ±25°F. Option for uniformities to ±5°F.
  • Box furnaces are typically loaded manually (Forklift, Roller Hearth, etc).
  • High-Density energy-saving insulation
TruTemp box furnace from ITS


  • PLC/HMI for process automation
  • Data acquisition
  • Inert gas construction
  • Recirculation Fans
  • Automatic shutdown circuit
  • UL/CE listed electrical panel – panel inspected, certified, serialized (CE provides declaration
    of conformity)
  • Special temperature uniformities
  • Hearth roller rails
  • Load tables
  • Quench tanks
  • Spare parts
  • Field installation, installation supervision and commissioning
  • Temperatures to 3300°F


Typical Heat Processing Application(s)

  • Annealing
  • Calcining
  • Curing
  • Die Preheat
  • Stress Relief

Industry Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Foundry
  • Military
  • Mining
  • And many more
Aerospace industry


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