Composite Curing Ovens

Out of Autoclave Composite Curing Oven for Advanced Composites

Companies in industrial industries including aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods, among others, depend on ITS’ Composite Curing Ovens to cure high strength, low weight carbon composite materials.

Our thermal airflow design experts design, build and install ovens renown for their temperature uniformity and state of the art technology for monitoring, controlling and managing the challenging composite curing process.

Why ITS?

We’re recognized worldwide for delivering on our promises to produce, install, train and maintain out of autoclave (OOA) composite curing ovens that provide the most economical and reliable solutions for meeting complex composite processing requirements.

Whether purchasing a standard model or a customized solution, clients who have purchased an ITS composite curing oven speak highly about our design and engineering capabilities, as well as to the attention we pay to after the sale training and troubleshooting.

And at the C-Suite level, you’ll hear our customers say that the combination of price, performance and customer service confirms that they made the right choice selecting an ITS Composite Curing Oven.

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Composite curing process

The Out-of-Autoclave Composite Curing Tutorial

Carbon Fiber Ovens will continue to dominate the market as the composite industry grows. Read the recap of  the history and the process of composite curing.

Download the Article – Out of Autoclave What is it? 

Composite Curing Oven – Overview

ITS provides a complete out of autoclave curing system that includes a carbon fiber oven, integrated multi-port vacuum system, and process controller, that creates the ability to maintain tight temperature uniformity.

Our state of the art design incorporates multi-part thermocouple and vacuum systems that meet NADCAP, AS9100 and AMS2750E. For out of autoclave carbon fiber manufacturing and out of autoclave composite manufacturing, ITS’ composite curing ovens are second to none.

In addition to the features listed below, the ITS out of autoclave composite curing oven has other design and customization options, described in our downloadable brochure.

Call (414-672-7700) or contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll design and configure a solution that will exceed your expectations for price, quality, and results. Or, connect with us here to request a quote today.

batch ovens used for annealing
batch oven for composite curing


  • Standard Sizes, quick-ship sizes available from 6’W x 8’H x 6’L
  • Gas or Electric Heating, 500° – 650°F
  • Plug Fans with VFD’s
  • Adjustable ductwork for optimal part heating
  • Horizontal Swing Doors
  • Vacuum Ports
  • Ramp/Soak Controller
  • Recorder
  • Thermocouple Jack Panels to monitor product
  • Recipe and Data Acquisition Systems – Multiple Recipe options, vacuum pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring including Ramp/Soak Controller, Recorder and Recipe Generation, Storage, Data Acquisition and Recording. Override of process parameters to modify set points of T/C’s, vacuum.


  • Temperature Ranges up to 500°F (260 C)
  • Main Power Supplies 208 to 690 Volt AC, 50 and 60 HZ
  • Heat Sources Electric, LPG, Natural Gas, Other Fuel Mixtures
  • Heavy gauge Aluminized Steel
  • Access to the interior of the oven, fan, and heating chamber
  • World Wide Voltage
  • ITS is able to meet NADCAP, AS9100 + AMS275 requirements
  • Class A for flammable solvents, adhesive, etc.
Three 5 air flow technology from ITS


  • Custom sizes to meet your needs
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Resin Traps
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Enhanced Cooling
  • Vertical Lift Doors
  • Chamber Lights
  • Powered or Manual Carts
  • Insulated Floor
  • Pass Through Chambers Available
  • Vacuum System – complete proven high efficiency skid mounted vacuum system providing accurate control and measurement of system parameters. Options to expand the system are available
  • TUS/SAT – Temperature Uniformity Survey/System Accuracy Test
  • Available Horizontal and Combination airflow provides process customization to meet your application requirements and yields excellent temperature uniformity

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • And so many more.
ITS manufacturers ovens for the military


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