Industrial Conveyor Ovens

Continuous belt ovens for industrial applications from International Thermal Systems

TruTemp™ Industrial Conveyor Ovens from International Thermal Systems are offered in 8 standard sizes and the following benefits:

  • Value Pricing
  • Fast Delivery Times
  • Perfect for Smaller Applications
  • Tested and Proven Performance
  • Quality ITS Design and Manufacturing


International Thermal Systems offers standard sized industrial conveyor ovens.

TruTemp™ Industrial Conveyor Ovens are pre-engineered, pre-tested, value priced units that are designed for smaller applications.

TruTemp™ continuous process ovens offer proven performance that has been tested and verified in the ITS lab. TruTemp conveyor ovens offer a faster delivery time vs. a custom engineered conveyor oven. TruTemp ovens are value priced because of the reduced engineering time/costs.

The TruTemp™ Conveyor Oven line contains 8 standard sizes with belt widths from 12”– 30” with an operating range up to 500⁰F and can be used for tempering, curing, preheating, drying, heat shrinking and heat-forming.

TruTemp Process Conveyor Ovens are standalone units. They can be used in conjunction with our TruClean Conveyor Washer as a dry-off oven.

Custom engineered conveyor ovens are also available from International Thermal Systems.


  • Flat Wire Mesh Belt with variable Speed Controls
  • Nema 12 rated Control Panel
  • Aluminized Steel Construction
  • Plug-Style Recirculation Fan
  • Entrance and exit conveyor stops
  • Heating safety equipment
  • Oven chamber and hi-limit temperature controller
  • Factory-testing
Industrial Conveyor Oven


  • 100% efficient electric heat with Zero Cross SCRs for precise temperature control
  • Top-down impinging airflow allows for maximum heat transfer
  • Variable Speed Control of the conveyor, up to 10 fpm (.05 mps)
  • End openings feature silhouettes for minimizing heat spillage
  • A 1” (25mm) x 1” (25mm) High Carbon Steel Flat Wire Mesh Belt for minimal airflow obstruction
  • Closeoff sheets minimize bypass air and maximize air passage through the product


  • Powered Exhaust
  • Shutdown Timer
  • Exit End Photo eye
  • Spare Parts Available
  • Optional Voltages


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • And so many more
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