Retrofit kit

Retrofit Kit

A Retrofit Kit can reduce energy consumption over 50%* and increase production output.

Retrofitting allows our customers to keep their equipment running at maximum efficiency levels.
Mike, Sales ManagerInternational Thermal Systems


For your existing equipment, a Retrofit Kit can provide an economic performance improvement. Whether you want to reduce energy consumption by converting from a metal to synthetic conveyor belt, or achieve efficient can drying with an air supply nozzle exchange, we have the right option to meet your needs.

For over forty years, the Metal Packaging Division has provided cleaning and heat processing technology to the Food & Beverage Industry. We utilize the latest engineering software, the most advanced control systems and actual field data to engineer the precise solution for aluminum can production line requirements.

The Easy Welding System allows you to easily weld high temperature PTFE coated conveyor belts in less time than previous models. Contact ITS Customer Support Service Group for your Quote on a New EWS Welding System.

Can Washer System


Refer to the Specifications tab to learn more about the Retrofit Kit feature options.

Can Washer Retrofit Kit

  • Belt and Slide Bed Replacement.
  • Stage or Washer Extensions.
  • Tank and Housing Repair/Replacements.


Dry-off Oven Retrofit Kit

  • Conveyor conversions from metal to synthetic.
  • Air supply nozzles to achieve efficient can drying.
  • Exhaust heat recovery systems.

Pin Oven Retrofit Kit

  • Chain guides.
  • Air knife retrofits.
  • Complete oven restorations.
  • Sprocket and shaft replacement.
End Dryer


Internal Bake Oven – IBO Retrofit Kit

  • Conveyor conversions from metal to synthetic.
  • Air supply nozzles to achieve efficient can curing.
  • Oven extensions.


  • Aerosol
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Pet Food


Extend the life of your equipment by retrofitting 

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