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2018 was a good year at ITS!

2018 is winding down and the office is very quiet this week. As I plan for 2019 Marketing, I like to look back and review what worked well in 2018 and plan on where to improve. Each division and the company as a whole had a busy year.

ITS Corporate

We kicked off the year with a fun employee event, a Super Bowl chili cookoff. Even though the Packers were not in the game, we had a great time sampling 10 or so different chili recipes!

Super Bowl Chili Cook-off 2018












In 2018, Continuous Improvement continued to be a focus and we completed 5S projects on 6 areas in the shop. The most notable to me is the maintenance area which is a complete transition for the better.

5S is a huge improvement.

The maintenance department after the 5S project.












During the summer, the entire ITS team spent an afternoon volunteering around the Milwaukee area. We helped out at Cristo Rey High School, at the Hunger Task Force farm, at a park and at the VA Center. we also collected cereal to for a Thanksgiving food drive. This was a new initiative for ITS and we plan to continue in 2019.













Our first annual sales meeting was held in August at the Pabst Brewery complex. It was a great success and opportunity to bring the entire sales team together.

Hosted our Annual Sales Meeting

International Thermal Systems


In 2018, Tom Stricker was promoted to President and brought new, strong talent into ITS and promoted team members to new roles.

Tom Stricker is the new President of ITS

Tom Stricker, President International Thermal Systems








We ended 2018 with our annual Christmas lunch hosted by the Executive Team. Always a fun afternoon and great food – shrimp, lobster, and steak with an ugly sweater contest and raffle.



Washer Division

It was a good year for the washer division. We branded the entire washer line with the name TruClean and added Cabinet Batch Washers to the product line.  We expanded the number of standard conveyor washers to 4 sizes and worked with many new customers in 2018. We created a guide on Navigating the manufacturing process of an Industrial Parts Washer.

complete conveyor washer sysytem

Conveyor washer system with dry-off oven

TruClean Conveyor Washers









Matt Zea was promoted to General Manager of the Battery division and had a great year installing new HydroCure and Flashmaids all over the world.

HydroCure Humidity Drying Chamber for Batteries

Plate Dryer from ITS

FlashMaid Plate Dryer for Batteries








Industrial Products Ovens and Furnaces

2018 was a good year for the Ovens and Furnace group as well. We increased the number of standard batch ovens available which allows us to turn around quotes quickly and offer a shorter lead time for delivery. We attended new trade shows in 2018 including CAMX and Cast Expo. Look forward to adding SAMPE to the list in 2019.

Industrial Batch Oven

Batch Oven ready to ship








Metal Packaging – Two Piece Can

We launched an improved Can Washer called the Trident and developed a low profile Pin Oven. ITS continues to bring innovative ideas to the market.

Can Washer for can making

The Trident Can Washer from ITS

Two Piece Can Washer Trident

Can Washer for Beverage Industry








Customer Support Services

A big change for 2018 was a new name for our Aftermarket division to Customer Support Services (CSS). Vince Hebein joined ITS as the new General Manager for the division. We added a 1-888 number so customers can call the Support department directly. Online Parts Store is open 24/7 for your orders.


Customer Support Services Team









2018 was a good year in the marketing department. The strategy for the year was to connect with customers. Our website was re-designed and will be tweaked again in 2019. We added more videos and informational articles. We attended trade shows which is great learning. I look forward to 2019 to continue the momentum and help ITS grow relationships and communicate why ITS is the best equipment choice.

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2019,


Lori Phillips




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A Better Way to Weld PTFE Belts on your Dry-Off, IBO or OBO

ITS is pleased to offer the Easy Welding Press in association with Hardick for Dry-off, IBO and OBO Ovens

Save time and increase production efficiency

The Easy Welding System allows you to easily weld high temperature PTFE coated conveyor belts in less time than previous models. The welding press is approximately half the weight of old style welding presses. Custom manufactured to your requirements and easily joined on your machine.


The welding press is designed for the welding of PTFE coated conveyor belts.

The maximum width of the conveyor belt to weld is respectively 1.000mm, 2.000 mm and 2.600mm

The maximum width of the splice is 35mm

Contact ITS Customer Support Services for a quote on a New EWS Welding Press.

Download more info about the Welding System and a quick visual overview. 

Watch the video:

Pin Oven Technology from ITS

ITS Leads the Way in Pin Oven Technology for the Can Making Industry

Matt Wingert

Matt Wingert

As I mentioned in my post last week, I was recently asked to submit an editorial to a leading trade publication regarding recent developments in washer and oven technology as it pertains to the metal packaging industries. Last week’s post was about our new TRIDENT Can Washer and Dry-off Oven, this week I’ve decided to continue down the line and share with you my submission regarding our 7-Ten Pin Oven.

ITS is the leader in Pin Oven technology with the 7-Ten Pin Oven. The ITS 7-Ten Pin Oven is the only pin oven on the market to provide the fastest, most uniform can heat up rates by raising the cans to peak metal temperature  (PMT) in as little as only 5.5 seconds. ITS is able to achieve this feat through the use of patented airflow technology, and as a result, an ITS 7-Ten Pin Oven is able to produce up to 2,400 cans per minute with the use of only 10 chain passes, no other oven on the market has been proven to achieve this result. The compact design of the 7-Ten Pin Oven is the most thermal efficient oven in the marketplace and with the reduced floor space requirements allows for greater flexibility in line layouts and with replacement into existing can lines. Additionally, each 7-Ten Pin Ovenis available with a progressive oven control feature that allows for reduced energy consumption during line stoppages to further reduce your total cost of ownership of an ITS7-Ten Pin Oven and aids in corporate sustainability initiatives.

In order to design and supply an oven that meets your specific needs, each 7-Ten Pin Ovenis available with several options such as unique front entrance frames between the deco/basecoater to the oven, , single or dual zone configurations, pin stripper, pin chain, cooling chambers, low-profile layouts, and more.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about the industry leading 7-Ten Pin Oven or to schedule a personal presentation.


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June Savings! Save 10% on your ONLINE Parts order.

Purchasing an  Industrial Conveyor Oven, furnace or washer is a large capital expenditure and ITS appreciates the opportunity to be a part of many large and small manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Our goal is to be the best long term business partner of our customers.  From the quoting process to installation and throughout the life of the equipment, we are there for service and support.

Maintaining maximum efficiency of the equipment is a key objective of the ITS Aftermarket division. Preventative maintenance and quick repairs are important to maintain peak performance levels. We created a store of replacement parts here at ITS. We stock replacement parts for all of our equipment and ship most in 2 business days.

The ITS online parts store is a quick, convenient place to order replacement and spare parts. Customers can check pricing, stock availability and order with a credit card or PO.  The store offers everything from gaskets to motors to new controls. We occasionally offer promotions for online orders so be sure to set up an account for website ordering. Sign up for the Aftermarket Parts & Services Newsletter.

To open an online account, click the “Login” tab on the ITS website and then click “get an account”. Complete the form and submit. The account will be approved in 1-2 business days and an email from ITS will sent with login information. Once logged in, you are ready to order! View product pricing and place the online order.

We are offering a June promotion! Save 10% on all ONLINE orders in the month of June!

Aqueous Washer Replacement Parts

Order industrial oven and furnace parts from International Thermal Systems

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Announcing the New Trident Can Washer


Milwaukee, WI, April 2017 – International Thermal Systems (ITS) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new and improved Can Washer, the Trident. The Trident is more efficient, effective and eco-friendly than other can washers on the market.

“This next generation of washer delivers exciting innovations that continue to advance our high level washer performance and lower our customers’ total costs of ownership.  We are listening to our customers, and the Trident is one more step in our ongoing commitment to deliver value to them,” notes Marshall Joas, the General Manager of the Metal Packaging division of ITS.  “The Trident will allow our customers to reduce can size change-over time, maintenance time, chemical usage, water consumption and belt replacement costs.”

Can Washers operate in multiple stages and clean the interior and exterior surfaces of cans in the food and beverage can industries. “ITS can washers are already an industry leader and we are confident that the new enhancements will further strengthen the success of our customers can making production lines,” explains Tom Lex, Engineering Manager. “Properly configured, the new ITS Trident Can Washer can reduce water consumption by over 50% and reduce can size change-over time by 66%.”

International Thermal Systems is a global manufacturer of washers, ovens and furnaces for the metal packaging, automotive, aerospace, battery and military markets. ITS manufacturers a complete line of washers and ovens designed specifically for can-making customers.

ITS will be exhibiting at Cannex in China on 5/15 – 5/18. Stop by the booth to learn more about the Trident.

For more information, please contact ITS at 414.672.7700 or

Trident Can Washer

The New Trident Can Washer

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Trade Shows – Visit ITS around the globe!

The Spring trade show season will be kicking off in a few weeks and ITS will be out in force. We look forward to trade shows each season for the opportunity to connect with customers and to present our products and capabilities to prospective customers. 

Aftermarket Parts & Services will be exhibiting at the Plant & Facilities Maintenance Association (PFMA) show on March 14-15 at State Fair Park in Milwaukee, WI. Stop by booth 1628 to meet our team and learn about the many installation and maintenance services ITS provides. For more info, visit





The Metal Packaging group will be launching our new Can Washer at two shows this Spring. First up is Euro CanTech in Milan on March 19-21 followed by CANNEX on May 15 – May 18. Visit ITS in booth 917 at CANNEX in China. 




The Industrial Products Ovens group will be in Ft. Worth Texas exhibiting at the American Foundry Society Metalcasting Congress on April 3-5. We are new members of the American Foundry Society and look forward to meeting other members.



Matt and Marshall at BCI 2017.

The Battery group will attend the annual BCI Convention and Power Mart Expo in Tuscon on April 29 – May 1.


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A Walk in the Shop – Can Washer and Dry Off Oven

There is a lot going on in the shop to kick off 2018, but currently, the largest project is this can washer with dry off oven. I have been with ITS for almost a year and I am still impressed by the size of the equipment that we build. Each industrial can washer, oven or furnace is built and tested on our shop floor. Once installed, the equipment is ready to run saving our customers time and money. I look forward to watching the test for this project before it is disassembled and shipped overseas. 

Look for “new news” from our metal packaging group in 2018. ITS is committed to providing product innovations and improvements for the can making industry. Contact the Metal Packaging group for more information on ITS can washers and ovens. 

International Thermal Systems Can Washer and Dry Off Oven

ITS Can Washer and Dry Off Oven

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Saving Water in Can Washers

In continuing with the theme of saving water in Can Washers, let’s discuss the benefits of using an oil coalescer, or as some people call them – waste oil separators.

An oil coalescer is a great way to clean and recycle process water to be reused in the washer before going to your waste water treatment system; this extends the use of the water and reduces overall water consumption. The coalescer processes and removes the oil through the use of a polypropylene filter media and an oil skimmer tube. The oil is collected and sent to an oil collection tank for disposal. Once the oil is removed from the water, the water is then routed to the clean side of the tank, see figure 1.

There are several methods in using and supplying water to the coalescer, we find that using the overflow water from the Dragout #1, Wash and Pre-Wash stages is most beneficial. We then use the cleaned water to supply the Pre-Rinse risers. By using the coalescer in this manner, you are using clean oil-free water that is pre-heated and contains diluted chemicals from the Pre-Wash and Wash stages. The coalescer then becomes an effective means to supply the Pre-Rinse risers in lieu of a fresh water connection that was common practice on many older washers.

Another common method in using coalescers is to have them run as a “closed-loop” system in that they will process water from a tank, say the Pre-Wash or Wash tank, and then return that water back to the same tank. This is an effective means to clean and recycle the water but does not reduce the overall water consumption as much as the first method mentioned.

In either case, no matter how you configure the system, oil coalescers are an effective means of cleaning and recycling water. By collecting the “spent” oil and sending it to a designated collection tank, you also reduce the overall load on your waste water treatment system.

ITS offers oil coalescing systems for both new and existing washer systems. To find out more information and how we can apply this technology to your system, send me an email at and I would be happy to discuss the specifics of your application.

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Walk through the shop 11/15/2017


A quick walk through the shop today… working on a new dry off oven and can washer. Look forward to the testing phase to see both in action.

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New Metal Packaging Can Washer Video – learn why the ITS can washer is an industry leader

Metal Packaging Division provides cleaning and heat processing solutions to the food, beverage and aerosol can manufacturers around the world. We continue to innovate, delivering solutions with ever increasing efficiency, smaller footprints and lower energy consumption.

The multiple stage Can Washers clean the interior and exterior surfaces of cans in the beverage and food can industries. Learn more about the International Thermal Systems Can Washer and our service capabilities in our latest video:

Energy Saving Enhancements for Your Existing Equipment

During my many conversations with canmakers around the world, I am regularly asked what energy saving improvements can be made to their existing equipment to increase production and improve operating efficiency. The easy answer would be to replace the machines with the latest technology. However, International Thermal Systems realized that in today’s turbulent economic climate, funds are not readily available for the purchase of capital equipment. To assist our valued customers reduce energy costs and improve product quality, International Thermal Systems offers two simple retrofit options that apply to any IBO or Dry-off Oven.


Saving Energy While You Rest with the ITS Sleep Mode Program™

During our many visits to various can making plants around the world, customers often request our insight for methods that will reduce their energy consumption. Frankly speaking, the discussion involving how to minimize energy consumption in a can making plant intrigued us. We continued to interview and study can making plants. We noticed a common practice among many can makers is to allow their ovens to operate at full operating conditions during line stoppages. We realized this practice is a gross waste of energy that results in tens of thousands of dollars wasted each year. Our engineers quickly went to work to develop a solution to keep the machines humming yet reduce energy consumption. (more…)