ITS is pleased to offer the Easy Welding Press in association with Hardick for Dry-off, IBO and OBO Ovens

Save time and increase production efficiency

The Easy Welding System allows you to easily weld high temperature PTFE coated conveyor belts in less time than previous models. The welding press is approximately half the weight of old style welding presses. Custom manufactured to your requirements and easily joined on your machine.


The welding press is designed for the welding of PTFE coated conveyor belts.

The maximum width of the conveyor belt to weld is respectively 1.000mm, 2.000 mm and 2.600mm

The maximum width of the splice is 35mm

Contact ITS Customer Support Services for a quote on a New EWS Welding Press.

Download more info about the Welding System and a quick visual overview. 

Watch the video:

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