Batch Ovens – Standard or Custom Engineered?

Standard Batch Oven vs. Custom Batch Oven

What is the difference between an ITS Standard Batch Oven and an ITS Custom Batch Oven?

ITS designs and manufactures both custom and standard batch ovens to meet the strict demands of our customers.

A custom batch oven is engineered specifically for your application, part size, uniformity requirements and process. A standard batch oven is a pre-engineered and tested batch oven that can be used to meet the majority of our customer’s needs. Standard batch oven are offered in many sizes with multiple options available upon request. The advantage of a standard oven is it has a shorter lead time and reduced cost but with many of the features of a custom oven.

The ITS standard line of batch ovens is the TruTemp™ series. All TruTemp™ ovens are engineered to meet ± 10°F uniformity with options for ± 5°F or even tighter if needed.

TruTemp™ Batch Ovens offers industry leading heat processing technology at an affordable price point. Our TruTemp™ Batch Oven line is offered in standard chamber sizes up to 20′ long and work space heights up to 8′. Need a larger oven? ITS will designs a custom batch oven for your application, part size and heating requirements.

TruTemp™ Batch Oven have been engineered with the highest quality, airflow technology and design in the industry. All TruTemp™ ovens are built to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet your production needs.

Standard ovens offer proven performance, uniformity at a lower cost and shorter lead / delivery times than custom engineered batch oven. Standard equipment may be customized to the specific customers application upon request.

Contact our sales department to design your standard or custom oven today. Begin by completing the Request a Quote form.

Industrial Batch Oven TruTemp
Industrial Batch Oven
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