Custom Batch Oven Shipped to Transformer Manufacturer


Milwaukee, WI, June, 2018, INTERNATIONAL THERMAL SYSTEMS, ITS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin has shipped and installed a large custom batch oven for a leading remanufacturer of substation and distribution transformers. The oven will be used to process a variety of transformer sizes. To meet the stringent requirements of the process, ITS incorporated Three5 Airflow Technology.  This airflow provides excellent temperature uniformity, reduces operating costs and increases throughput of their product. In addition, the oven incorporates pass-through bi-parting swing doors and an in-house manufactured thermal oxidizer to mitigate fumes and minimize the environmental impact of the process. The oven features a PLC to provide recipe creation/selection and data acquisition. Process monitoring and recipe control may be accessed via an Ethernet connection.

“Our customer was in search of an oven supplier that could meet the unique requirements of their process,” says Ernesto Serrano, ITS Regional Sales Manager. “We worked very closely to provide a turn-key solution to meet the technical, commercial and lead-time needs of our customer.”


Industrial Batch Oven for Transformers
Industrial Batch Oven
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