Tour the Shop! See the ITS team at work!

Watch our new video which is a quick tour of the ITS shop. We are very proud of our facility and our team.



Our shop is currently under going 5S in every department. In 2018, we completed 5S projects in 6 departments and to maintain the progress, audits are continually conducted in each department. What is 5S? The 5S stands for SORT, SET IN ORDER, SHINE, STANDARDIZE, SUSTAIN and is a method to keep an area organized and clean. In 2019, we will continue to work on the remaining departments including the office.


5S Continuous Improvement at International Thermal Systems
5S in action at ITS


The video also highlights the team at ITS and the craftsmanship that goes into building each machine. Our team takes pride in delivering the highest quality equipment and on time. We have employees who have been with ITS over 40 years and their experience is shared with our new employees. Our engineers incorporate the latest technologies into their designs which provides our customers with the most efficient machine and the most energy savings available.

If you would like to learn more about International Thermal Systems and our equipment, please contact us 414.672.7700 or complete the contact us form. We look forward to working with you!

5S at ITS
Piping Department after 5S
International Thermal Systems 5S
5S Receiving Department
ITS Shipping Department 5S
5S Shipping Department
ITS Continuous Improvement
5S Maintenance Department
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