Cabinet Washer – Large Custom Washer for Aerospace Industry

20’ Tall Custom Cabinet Washer built for Aerospace Customer

ITS has successfully built a large cabinet washer that will be used to clean aerospace components. The washer stands over 20′ tall and is designed with a 7′ diameter rotating table.

The washer processes parts on an extremely robust 7’-0” diameter rotating table and provides 14’-0” of clear operating height. This highly customized spray washer features an automatic 180° rotating process door that minimizes the footprint requirement. A high flow solution pump and over 100 spray nozzles provide the aggressive cleaning, while an elevated CFM fan with multi-direction air blow-off tubes delivers maximum velocity air for highly effective moisture removal.

This is the largest custom cabinet washer that ITS has built to date and has been validated to meet very difficult customer performance specifications. Download more information on this project.

Custom Cabinet Washer

A cabinet type parts washing system utilizes a single entry location for processing parts inside of an enclosed process cabinet. Our spray cabinet parts washers are designed for top or front loading, and the process area can be a stationary basket with rotating spray nozzles or a rotating table with fixed sprays nozzles. The cabinet cleaning system is advantageous for cleaning parts with unique and complex geometries or multiple parts in special racks.

Cabinet washers are well suited for processing large single parts and smaller batched parts both in predetermined production cycle. Various machine designs are available to accommodate part sizes and cycle times are variable to meet the throughput requirement.

ITS manufacturers Parts Washers Cabinet and Parts Washers Conveyor. We offer both standard cabinet washers and custom parts washer cabinet. For more information, contact our sales team at 414.672.7700.


Watch the videos below. Door opens:


Door Closes:

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