New Year New Washer – Step 3 to Building an Industrial Parts Washer

Step 3: Verify Parts Cleaning Process in Manufacturer’s Lab

For custom washer applications or stringent cleaning requirements, many manufacturers offer parts testing as a service to their customers. Customers are invited to send their dirty parts to the manufacturer’s test lab to verify the wash process. The parts will be tested, cleaned and returned with a detailed lab report. The recommended wash process will be verified, and your industrial parts washer will be designed and built to clean as specified from day one after installation. It is a valuable option towards purchasing the best machine for your application. Most manufacturers offer parts testing as a complimentary service.

ITS R&D laboratory
Test and validate your process before manufacturing in our parts cleaning lab.


The lab will test and clean the parts to determine the optimal design of the machine including:

  • Length of Wash Time (related to washer length or footprint)
  • Nozzle type and flow rate (affects pump size, pressure, HP, etc.)
  • Solution condition (temperature, chemical concentration, etc.)
  • Rinse and blow-off options
  • Scientific tests conducted ultimately become washer design recommendations and part of both the quote and the detailed engineering required for the washer build step.

Relying on accurate, customized scientific results, instead of using historical evidence from previous washer design and build projects, will help your entire team have the confidence that the customized washer will meet requirements ranging from footprint restrictions to the degree of part cleanliness required. For some applications, parts-testing is not a necessary step, and the process moves onto the detailed design of the parts cleaning equipment.

After defining the application requirements, testing the part if needed, hosting an onsite visit, visiting the manufacturing facility, and completing the initial design phase, the industrial washer manufacturer will deliver a detailed quote.

The quote should include:

  • A customized washer designed for your application
  • Operational specifications for your cleaning process
  • Delivery and installation plans
  • Price

Does ITS offer parts testing?

ITS houses a complete R&D department at our Milwaukee location. A lab washer and other testing equipment are used to determine or confirm the optimum design parameters for our customers new equipment.  Testing provides the customers, scientific evidence of the best equipment option for their application BEFORE the actual equipment is built. The ITS lab includes:

Aqueous Washing R&D Equipment and Capabilities

  • Belt Washer to test and prove applications before machine is built
  • Wash pump delivers up to 158 GPM and pressure up to 40 PSI
  • High pressure blower providing blow-off air velocity up to 16,000 FPM
  • Weight scale with accuracy of 0.001 grams for solvent, oil spraying/removing applications

ITS designs and engineers our equipment specific to the customer application. Testing is another piece of the equation that helps us provide the high quality machines that ITS is known for. Contact our sales team to begin the quote process for your next washer project.

ITS Industrial Parts Lab Washer
ITS will test and clean your parts in our lab washer


Watch our video which highlights the lab and our capabilities at ITS.

We have created a guide to help navigate the manufacturing process of an Industrial Parts Washer. Download the guideand contact us with any questions.

ITS Washer Division
Shawn Fields – Sales Manager – East,
Eric Zills – Sales Manager – West,

To read the complete 6 step guide to Building an Industrial Parts Washer, download the article.

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Industrial Parts Washer Guide to Building a Washer
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