New Year New Washer – Step 2 to Building an Industrial Parts Washer

Step 2: Ensure that the Washer Design Meets Cost, Quality and Production Expectations

You have defined the cleaning requirements for your industrial washer application and are ready to select a washer and the manufacturer to build it.

How to find an Industrial Washer Manufacturer

Online Research – Today we are able to answer most of our questions by researching online. Because of this, industrial washer manufacturers have drastically improved their websites over the past 3 years. You will find a wealth of information about a company and their products. You can read informational articles on cleaning, equipment construction, maintenance and new technologies. By researching online, you will have a better understanding of the equipment available, the manufacturer’s company culture and their commitment to the customer.

Referrals – Talk to others in the industry about their equipment to learn as much as possible. Ask what they like/dislike which will help you ask better questions when receiving your quote.

After you have completed your research, you are ready to reach out to manufacturers and receive quotes for your project.  A typical design process for your custom parts washer will require several weeks to complete. During the design process, the manufacturer’s Application Engineer will work on the selection and configuration of components ranging from controllers to housing, and may include the scientific testing of the design.

Information to provide the manufacturer:

  • Cleaning Objectives – You defined in Step 1.
  • Any Facility Requirements/Limitations
  • Budget – Discuss your budget with the manufacturer to ensure you receive the best solution within your budget

Other important considerations:

  • Manufacturing Experience  – A best practice for ensuring durability of your parts cleaning equipment is to have discussion about the skills and expertise of the manufacturer’s build team to make sure that they have the experience to deliver a well-built aqueous parts washer that will last for dozens of years.
  • Customer Support – Take the time to learn about the customer support offered during installation and throughout the life of the machine, Ask about which services will be included in the proposal, and which services are offered as an option. Discuss installation, repairs and preventative maintenance during step 1 to fully understand how the manufacturer will respond to your questions and any equipment issues.
  • Plant Tour – Visit the manufacturer’s facility to tour and learn more about their build process and organization.

After you receive the proposals, compare each with this handy checklist:  

Process Specifications

  • Batch or Continuous Washer
  • Cleaning Requirements
  • Time and Temperature Required
  • Production Rate Requirements
  • Results from Parts Testing

Equipment Specifications

  • Equipment Dimensions
  • Materials of Construction
  • Controls Package


  • Experience of the manufacturer’s build team
  • Factory Testing
  • QC Checklist
  • Sign-off Procedure


  • Equipment Base pricing
  • Equipment Options pricing
  • Terms
  • Shipping and Delivery Schedule
  • Determine the effect of any design changes on pricing and delivery schedule

Customer Support

  • Documentation – equipment manuals, spare parts list
  • Installation specifics – what services does the manufacture offer, what will be handled by your team and what will be handled by the manufacturer during the install?
  • Operator Training – is training included or an option?
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Kits
  • Who to contact for service parts issues


  • Operator Training
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Replacement Parts Availability

By clearly defining cleaning objectives, budget, construction and service expectations, you are on track to have your washer built and delivered on time and ready to run upon installation. On to Step 3!

We have created a guide to help navigate the manufacturing process of an Industrial Parts Washer. Download the guideand contact us with any questions.

ITS Washer Division
Shawn Fields – Sales Manager – East,
Eric Zills – Sales Manager – West,

To read the entire 6 steps to building an Industrial Parts Washers, download the guide here.

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Industrial Parts Washer Guide to Building a Washer
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