New Year New Washer – Step 5 to Building an Industrial Parts Washer

Step 5: Build: Industrial Parts Washer Production

Once the mechanical drawings are approved, the build phase begins. Since it’s likely that you’ll be logging tens of thousands of hours and washing millions of parts during its life, you’ll want to have the comfort of knowing that your custom washer has been meticulously engineered for durability and built to your exact specifications for the long haul.

During the quoting process, a manufacturing schedule will be determined and a delivery date will be set. A typical industrial washer build will be complete in 10-16 weeks depending on the complexity of the washer.

During your initial facility tour, make sure to stop and notice the equipment that is being built on the floor. Pay attention to the detail of their workmanship.

As your industrial washer is being built, stop in during the manufacturing process to see the work in process. If your location is too far from the manufacturing facility, request photos be sent every few weeks.

The manufacturer will perform quality checks throughout the build of the washer and after the build is complete, the manufacturer’s quality control team will test the washer to verify that all components are working and to make any needed adjustments. Your team will be invited to the manufacturer’s facility for a functional test of the washer. A typical QC test will include testing the amp draws, pump pressures, air flows and conveyor speeds. If applicable, the PLC and HMI will be demonstrated, tanks will be filled with water, pumps will be run, and leak checks will be conducted on the welding and piping. After verifying the machine is working as specified, the washer will be cleaned, prepped and packed for shipment.

Learn more about ITS and our manufacturing process.

A custom cabinet washer going through QC prior to customer signoff and shipping.


The Industrial Washer team has created a complete guide to buidling an industrial parts washer. Download the guide to learn more.

Industrial Parts Washers
Industrial Parts Washer Guide to Building a Washer


For more information or to talk to our sales team, contact ITS:

ITS Washer Division
Shawn Fields – Sales Manager – East,
Eric Zills – Sales Manager – West,

Industrial Conveyor Parts Washer
Industrial Conveyor Washer under construction
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