Rave Review for the new Customer Support Services Ticket System

Positive Feedback for the new Customer Support Services Ticket System

Customers are loving the new ticket system implemented in July by the Customer Support Services team. The ticket system allows us to quickly assign any parts, service or warranty request and escalate as needed. The ticket system also requests feedback from customers on how we handled the request. The responses have been very positive and the information received will help us further improve our internal systems.

How is a Service Ticket created?

  1. Any employee at ITS can create a service ticket. The Customer Support Services team receives the ticket, will assign the ticket almost immediately and the request is in motion. Your issue is on the way to being resolved!
  2. Our customers can contact the Customer Support Services team directly at 414-902-5300 or css@itsllcusa.com and a ticket will be created. We take it from there!


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The ticket system is a part of HubSpot, our new CRM, Marketing, Sales and Service tool. HubSpot has been such a positive addition to ITS as we now have a centralized communication hub for the entire company. We launched in May and HubSpot is already helping us better define our marketing strategy and go to market plans to be the best industrial oven, furnace and parts washer manufacturer in the industry.

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