International Thermal Systems designs an Aqueous Conveyor Washer that cleans 400 watermelons per hour

International Thermal Systems designs an aqueous conveyor washer that cleans 400 watermelons per hour

ITS is known for heat treating auto and aerospace parts and also known for washing pallets and cases, but we also can design equipment for food processing.

A food industry leader that processes ultra-pure liquid for privately labeled beverages.

The customer needed a wash system capable of sufficiently cleaning watermelons for the purpose of harvesting the internal section to
produce drinkable juice.

Provide a system capable of removing dirt and other organic materials from the outer rind, and delivering the watermelons to the peeling process sanitized at the rate of 400 melons per hour.

Completely remove all particles, microscopic organisms and apply a sanitizer.

Aggressively spray clean the watermelon to remove dirt and organic growth without penetrating the exterior rind and contaminating the interior fruit.
Water only spray cleaning without an elevated solution temperature.
Transfer the melons through the process without compromising the outer rind.

ITS Solution
Provide a single stage conveyor type cleaning system with a dedicated rinse spray bar to apply a sanitizing solution prior to the melons exiting the system. The cleaning stage consists of multiple spray bars with nozzles delivering a concentrated volume of solution from 360° to envelop the entire watermelon. For melon containment and protection during transfer, ITS provided a Polypropylene conveyor belt and UHMW part guides.

Keys to Success
Process development by the ITS engineering and sales teams.
Product analysis and sanitizing solution recommendation by ITS partner
Testing within the ITS R&D lab

ITS developed a process and provided a spray cleaning system capable of delivering a product in compliance for food-grade product manufacturing. In addition to providing a capable cleaning process, material handling design considerations allowed for processing without rind damage, which eliminated unnecessary product losses.

Download the pdf here

Scroll down for a summery watermelon cocktail recipe!

Industrial Conveyor Washer
Industrial Conveyor Washer cleans watermelons for Food Processing
Aqueous Washer to clean watermelons
Aqueous Washer used for food processing


























aqueous washer with plastic conveyor belt

Plastic Belt used for food processing


Happy Summer! Try this refreshing Watermelon Cocktail:


fresh Watermelon
2 shots watermelon juice*
1 shot vodka
1 sm. lime, juiced
1 can/bottle ginger beer

To make watermelon juice:
Add some watermelon chunks to a blender (2-3 cups). Blend well until watermelon is pureed. Strain over fine mesh strainer into container. Save juice, discard pulp.

To make a Watermelon Moscow Mule:
Combine watermelon juice, vodka, ginger liqueur and lime juice in cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well, Strain into tall glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer.
*or try just muddling a few chunks of watermelon in bottom of glass if you prefer not to make watermelon juice.

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