ITS Employees celebrate Football!

Our September lunch was all about football and comfort food. The accounting department hosted the luncheon and served a dish that 90% of us have never had – a pasty. A pasty is a meal wrapped in a pastry. Delicious with ground beef, potatoes, onions, carrots and served with gravy. Thank you to Reynold’s Pasty Shop in Milwaukee for providing enough for entire team. They were 1lb. each so definitely a full meal. The accounting team also added Cream of Artichoke soup, salad, cheesecakes and pies. Yum!

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ITS employee event
ITS is the Place to Work


In addition:  Packers Win! Go Pack Go!


History of the Pasty:

Pasties were a staple of the southwest England diet that came to Wisconsin when Cornish workers migrated here. They were in search of mining jobs in the 1830s. The pasties would stay warm in their lunch pails and satisfy the hearty workers’ appetite. Reynold’s Pasties are reasonably-priced, and much like their original appeal, they are still portable and filling. That’s why they’re known as “a meal in itself”.

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