ITS Leads the Way in Pin Oven Technology for the Can Making Industry

Matt Wingert

Matt Wingert

As I mentioned in my post last week, I was recently asked to submit an editorial to a leading trade publication regarding recent developments in washer and oven technology as it pertains to the metal packaging industries. Last week’s post was about our new TRIDENT Can Washer and Dry-off Oven, this week I’ve decided to continue down the line and share with you my submission regarding our 7-Ten Pin Oven.

ITS is the leader in Pin Oven technology with the 7-Ten Pin Oven. The ITS 7-Ten Pin Oven is the only pin oven on the market to provide the fastest, most uniform can heat up rates by raising the cans to peak metal temperature  (PMT) in as little as only 5.5 seconds. ITS is able to achieve this feat through the use of patented airflow technology, and as a result, an ITS 7-Ten Pin Oven is able to produce up to 2,400 cans per minute with the use of only 10 chain passes, no other oven on the market has been proven to achieve this result. The compact design of the 7-Ten Pin Oven is the most thermal efficient oven in the marketplace and with the reduced floor space requirements allows for greater flexibility in line layouts and with replacement into existing can lines. Additionally, each 7-Ten Pin Ovenis available with a progressive oven control feature that allows for reduced energy consumption during line stoppages to further reduce your total cost of ownership of an ITS7-Ten Pin Oven and aids in corporate sustainability initiatives.

In order to design and supply an oven that meets your specific needs, each 7-Ten Pin Ovenis available with several options such as unique front entrance frames between the deco/basecoater to the oven, , single or dual zone configurations, pin stripper, pin chain, cooling chambers, low-profile layouts, and more.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about the industry leading 7-Ten Pin Oven or to schedule a personal presentation.


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