Energy Saving Enhancements for Your Existing Equipment

During my many conversations with canmakers around the world, I am regularly asked what energy saving improvements can be made to their existing equipment to increase production and improve operating efficiency. The easy answer would be to replace the machines with the latest technology. However, International Thermal Systems realized that in today’s turbulent economic climate, funds are not readily available for the purchase of capital equipment. To assist our valued customers reduce energy costs and improve product quality, International Thermal Systems offers two simple retrofit options that apply to any IBO or Dry-off Oven.

The first option is a synthetic conveyor retrofit kit; the second option is a supply nozzle retrofit kit.

International Thermal Systems is the industry leader with the energy saving innovation to offer synthetic conveyor retrofits in any type of belt oven. A synthetic conveyor retrofit will provide many benefits such as:

  • Eliminate introducing foreign matters in to oven since the belt is non-metallic.
  • Improved can stability due to the increased support and smooth transfer points.
  • Reduce gas consumption since the synthetic belt eliminates the heavy heat sink, a reduction of 85% in conveyor belt BTU is achievable.
  • Improved cool-down rate of cans after exiting oven.
  • Reduced replacement cost compared to steel belts.

International Thermal Systems also manufactures and installs many supply nozzle retrofits into existing ovens. Recent installations have proved that when installing our nozzle design into an existing dry-off oven manufactured by a non-ITS oven, that in some cases customers have been able to reduce their operating temperature by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Prior to this retrofit the customer was not producing dry cans when processed through the oven, so not only did they produce dry cans after the ITS retrofit but they were also able to save money in fuel costs due to the lower operating temperature. Since then this customer has purchased several more supply nozzle retrofit kits as the ROI on this modification is often times less than 6-months.

The two retrofits I mentioned above not only improve operations and product quality but will also save you money in operating costs. Couple these two modifications along with the ITS Sleep Mode Program that I talked about in my last blog and you really start to add up the savings quickly.

If you would like to learn more on how International Thermal Systems can help save you money in the long terms while producing a better product for your customers please contact us today. We would love to discuss your specific application in detail, remember every day that goes by is another day of savings that are lost forever!

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