International Thermal Systems Works with Customer, to Design a New Aluminum Beverage Can Dry-off Oven that Prevents Can Tipping

The ITS R&D and Engineering departments are one-of-a-kind in both the heat processing and aqueous washing industries. Together, these departments work to help our customers solve specific processing issues before the customer commits to an equipment purchase.

At ITS, we typically start the validation of customer-specific heating/washing processes for a new machine by having our R&D lab use our versatile lab oven and washer, in-house heat transfer program, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.

Recently, ITS had a customer looking for a new aluminum beverage can dryer. Before they would authorize a purchase order, the customer wanted ITS to prove the machine would reduce the number of cans that tipped over during processing; aluminum beverage cans have a history of tipping over in industrial drying equipment due to a variety of reasons including their shape, size, and weight distribution. Additionally, the cans are exposed to various forces such as gravity, vibration, and air flow.

Though it was a tough challenge to resolve, the team at ITS believed they could find a solution for this customer. The ITS engineering and R&D team tested several new ideas and new processes that could eliminate can tip overs during the production process. The team then went through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation, the actual design and manufacturing of the machine, and followed up during the QC verification process. The results for the customer were positive.


Today, this newly designed machine:

– Fundamentally solved the can tipping issue.

– Manages most can sizes, including slim and sleek cans.

– Accommodates a wide range of production rates.

– Higher air velocity is used to dry the cans faster and provide improved oven chamber temperature uniformity.

– Can be used in multiple applications such as Internal Bake Ovens and Dry Off Ovens

If you are currently looking for a manufacturer of innovative industrial washers, dryers, ovens, or furnaces….be sure to contact the ITS team to discuss your needs: +1-414-672-7700.

Why Choose ITS?

ITS is recognized worldwide for delivering on our promises to produce, install, train, and maintain custom equipment that provide the most economical and reliable solutions for meeting complex processing requirements.

Whether purchasing a standard model or a customized solution, clients who have purchased ITS equipment speak highly about our design and engineering capabilities and the attention we pay to after-the-sale training and troubleshooting. And at the C-Suite level, you’ll hear our customers say that the combination of price, performance, and customer service confirms that they made the right choice in selecting an ITS Equipment.

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