International Thermal Systems (ITS) Battery Furnace Customers Rely on Effective Cost Retrofits to Meet Growing Demand


ITS Humidity Drying Chamber

The ITS team understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to optimizing your equipment and exploring new possibilities. While we continue to offer state-of-the-art furnace equipment, we wanted to take a moment to share some exciting alternatives that can help you achieve improved processing capabilities and test new projects.

The ITS team has designed a variety of retrofits for your battery furnace/ ovens. The current options are listed below. If you don’t find one of these retrofit options that will meet your needs, contact our team to discuss our custom retrofit options.

Oven Duct Face Retrofit Kit

The ITS duct face retrofit is a budget-friendly alternative to a new oven that allows for airstream optimization with minimal material and design resources required. Customers with existing equipment looking to adjust and maximize the airflow performance can alter the face of the supply and return ducts. This retrofit uses Louver, High Velocity, Cone, Slot, or “H” nozzles to adjust the airspeed, direction, and chamber airflow pattern. In addition, the supply duct face can be factory tested to ensure the desired airflow improves after the installation. Modifications include but are not limited to duct depth, nozzle type, nozzle spacing, fresh air damper, and baffle plates. Plus, multiple detachable duct face plates can allow for the interchangeability of airflow patterns.

Battery Curing Drying Equipment

  • RollSeal Door Retrofit Kit

Some Batch Oven owners need better chamber sealing, heavy manual operation, and aisle blockage when opening chamber doors. The challenge is that most swing doors have rubber seals that typically require annual replacement and adjustment. In addition, other alternative vertical lift rollup doors do not offer the durability, insulating characteristics, or ease of installation that is made possible with the ITS Roll Seal Door Retrofit.

The Roll Seal Door is a packaged option that allows the customer to replace the manual steel swing doors or vertical steel guillotine door. The ITS roll door improves the insulation characteristics of the heated chamber, allows for remote operation, and has a safety-focused design with an optional man trap pull cord and interior lights. The self-adjusting door parameters also ensure proper seal after each cycle, and the compact design reduces the overall footprint of the unit and maximizes aisle space.

  • System Controls PLC Retrofit Kit:

The ITS System Control PLC Retrofit kit enhances battery furnace unit performance by tracking and collecting performance data of the oven with a user-friendly HMI screen. The PLC retrofit allows for remote diagnostic support. It can connect/communicate with up or downstream equipment in manufacturing. Includes the ability to store product-specific recipes and allows for end-of-shift auto start-up or shutdown. There are additional Energy Saver options available.

  • RTD to Viasala or Viasala to RTD Conversion Kit:

ITS team analyzes airflow and equipment type to assist multiple customers in bringing their curing chambers up to date with the best technology for their system. For example, a factory might buy a new system with a different type of sensor than their preceding chambers. As a result, ITS now offers retrofit kits to bring every unit under the same design.

  • Honeywell Modutrol Motor to Belimo Actuator Conversion Kit with PLC Controls:

The fresh air inlets and exhaust outlets on ITS chambers are physically opened and closed via the control motor based on temperature and humidity control signals. Typically, control motors/actuators receive signals from the PLC and adjust accordingly; these outputs are then recorded in the PLC, allowing the operator to witness the chamber controlling itself graphically.

The ITS Belimo Actuator Offers Two Advantages Over a Modutrol Motor:

  • The Belimo actuator provides actual positioning feedback, while a control motor only receives positioning signals. If a coupling or mechanical damper fails, the actuator will provide feedback on the exact damper position, thus throwing an alarm. Dampers are typically roof-mounted, so this technology reduces the need for physical and visual inspection.
  • The Belimo actuator eliminates the need for the arm and ball joint connection and offers a direct coupling connection. This connection is much more durable and requires no periodic alignment or adjustment.
  • Exterior Manual Atomizer Cleanout Button (With Flow Control):

Proper atomizer operation is critical to an efficient cure cycle. Typically, nozzles are manually cleaned and inspected from within the chamber. Some upgrades even offer automatic PLC-controlled clean outs but still need to solve the inspection requirement.

  • The exterior push clean out with the flow meter allows the operator to execute the same level of service with much less effort. The external button is face-mounted on the unit, so you no longer have to go inside the chamber and drop the access panels. In addition, the low-volume flow meter alerts the operator whenever a nozzle is clogged and reduces flow into the oven. The flow meter can also tell if an atomizer is stuck open and has flow during the dry cycle. Both cases will trip an alarm and call for the operator to perform the required maintenance.
  • Hybrid Heater

 With its electric (light cure) dual heat retrofit for hydro cures, the ITS Hybrid Heater allows a small electric heater element to add heat during the cure cycle. Then the gas burner can provide the heat during the dry. This setup is optimum for tight temperature control in all segments while offering substantial cost savings (when compared to electric).

  • ITS Custom Control Systems

 ITS has decades of experience in designing custom control systems for thermal processing. ITS utilizes Allen Bradley Compact Logix, which continues to be one of the global leaders in industrial control systems. ITS will use industry experience to develop the ideal control system and package with your process, operations, and maintenance teams. As a result, ITS can complete installations in as little as two days.

Retrofitting existing industrial battery furnaces offers advantages; it’s vital to assess the condition of your equipment, consider the extent of the required upgrades, and evaluate the cost-effectiveness on a case-by-case basis. Contact the ITS team to discuss your current challenges and what possible solutions we can design to overcome these challenges:

About International Thermal Systems

ITS works with global customers to determine their needs, develop the right solution, and installs/ sets up the equipment at the customers’ facility. From here, it is the continuous interaction between ITS and the customer to maximize the efficiency of their equipment.

ITS – International Thermal Systems is a global original equipment manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces, and aqueous washers for automotive, aerospace, power generation, battery manufacturing, building products, foundry, ice builders, and metal packaging industries. ITS is in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA, with another manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

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