The Patented 7.10 International Thermal Systems (ITS) Pin Oven Improves Metal Can Production

The patented 7.10 International Thermal Systems (ITS) Pin Oven has many advantages. Yet, two key features set the ITS’ Pin Oven apart from its competitors.

  • At 7 seconds at 10 passes, the oven thermally cross-links the exterior coating on aluminum or steel beverage cans for a base coat or decorating applications. This feature helps reduce energy consumption and increase production speed compared to other In addition, it allows the cans to be handled during the following production processes without damage to the external finish.
  • ITS pin ovens also use patented airflow technology that delivers recirculated hot air to the cans. This technology has been proven to provide the fastest, most efficient, and most uniform metal can heating machine available on the market.

ITS pin ovens are also compact and need minimal floor space, making integration of them into existing production lines easy. In addition, the design has fewer moving parts, thus reduces overall maintenance and downtime time.

Standard features of the ITS pin oven include:

  • Fastest uniform heat transfer efficiency
  • Production rates up to 2,400 CPM in only 10 passes
  • Smallest equipment footprint in the industry
  • Design to accommodate multiple pin lengths
  • The interior catwalk creates easy access for maintenance
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motor control

If you are currently looking for a manufacturer of innovative Pin oven, contact us to discuss your needs with the ITS team: 414-672-7700.

Why Choose ITS?

ITS is recognized worldwide for delivering on our promises to produce, install, train, and maintain custom equipment that provides the most economical and reliable solutions for meeting complex processing requirements. Whether purchasing a standard model or a customized solution, clients who have purchased an ITS equipment speak highly about our design and engineering capabilities and the attention we pay to after-the-sale training and troubleshooting. And at the C-Suite level, you’ll hear our customers say that the combination of price, performance and customer service confirm that they made the the right choice in selecting an ITS Equipment.

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