International Thermal Systems Revolutionizes Industrial Manufacturing with Innovative RollSeal® Oven Door


Cutting-edge solutions offer enhanced efficiency and sustainability for manufacturing processes. International Thermal Systems, a global leader in thermal processing solutions, proudly announces the use of groundbreaking RollSeal® Door technology in their ovens. This innovative solution is set to transform industrial manufacturing processes by significantly improving efficiency, sustainability, and overall performance.

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The ITS RollSeal®   Door retrofit brings a compact, energy efficient, and safe design to batch and conveyor style thermal processing units of all shapes and sizes. The safety and efficiency of this design has been proven on a variety of equipment types in multiple industries around the world. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing industrial ovens, this solution eliminates the need for complete oven replacements, thereby reducing both costs and downtime for manufacturers.

Benefits of the RollSeal®:

  • Improves chamber seal, which improves uniformity and energy consumption.
  • Eliminates floor space usage that is required with swinging doors.
  • Safety:
  • Added man-trap pull cord.
  • Door can be opened from the inside.
  • Obstructions in aisle will not prohibit door from being opened.
  • Remote door openers added to fork trucks to improve productivity.
  • Less repair and maintenance due to improved design, minimizing wearable components.
  • Turn-key installation, full removal and installation completed in 1 business day.

About International Thermal Systems

International Thermal Systems (ITS) is a globally recognized leader in thermal processing and industrial furnace solutions. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, ITS provides cutting-edge technologies that optimize manufacturing processes across various industries. The company’s extensive portfolio includes industrial ovens, furnaces, washers, and other custom thermal processing equipment.

ITS works with global customers to determine their needs, develop the right solution, and installs/ sets up the equipment at the customers & facility. From here, it is the continuous interaction between ITS and the customer to maximize the efficiency of their equipment.

ITS – International Thermal Systems is a global original equipment manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces, and aqueous washers for automotive, aerospace, power generation, battery manufacturing, building products, foundry, ice builders, and metal packaging industries. ITS is in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA, with another manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

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