International Thermal Systems (ITS) Offers Upgrades to Existing / Obsolete MicroLogix Controllers

ITS Furnace or Oven Control RetrofitMany manufacturing facilities rely on MicroLogix controllers to automate their processes efficiently. However, as technology evolves, older MicroLogix controllers can become obsolete, leading to performance issues and increased downtime.

Manufacturers face several challenges with older controllers such as:

  1. Limited Capabilities: Older MicroLogix controllers may lack the processing power and memory required for modern automation needs, limiting their functionality, and slowing down your processes.
  2. Compatibility Issues: As newer software and hardware components are developed, older controllers may struggle to integrate seamlessly with these technologies, causing operational inefficiencies.
  3. Maintenance and Support: As controllers age, it becomes increasingly challenging to find replacement parts and receive technical support, leaving your facility vulnerable to extended downtime in case of a failure.
  4. Security Concerns: Older controllers may not have the latest security features, making them more susceptible to cyber threats, potentially compromising your facility’s operations.

ITS’ new control retrofit package offers all existing functionality while also leveraging the new capabilities of the current CompactLogix controller such as remote diagnostics and energy saving.  The pre-engineered and packaged Compact Logix PLC-based equipment control system will be installed into existing enclosure and tested by ITS factory-trained technicians during a predefined non-critical time frame. This turn-key installation typically has downtime as little as 2-3 business days.

THE BENEFITS of an ITS Retrofit: Enhanced control functionality such as:

  • Track product activity
  • Develop trend analysis
  • Collect data regarding performance
  • Recipe Memory and Storage
  • Enhanced plant integration through networking of independent system controls
  • Reduce maintenance by enabling Remote Diagnostic Support
  • Energy cost saving with: Auto start up and shut down Energy Saver Mode and Energy Consumption Tracking (SECT)

 About International Thermal Systems

International Thermal Systems (ITS) is a globally recognized leader in thermal processing and industrial furnace solutions. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, ITS provides cutting-edge technologies that optimize manufacturing processes across various industries. The company’s extensive portfolio includes industrial ovens, furnaces, washers, and other custom thermal processing equipment.

ITS works with global customers to determine their needs, develop the right solution, and installs / sets up the equipment at the customers & facility. From here, it is the continuous interaction between ITS and the customer to maximize the efficiency of their equipment.

ITS – International Thermal Systems is a global original equipment manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces, and aqueous washers for automotive, aerospace, power generation, battery manufacturing, building products, foundry, ice builders, and metal packaging industries. ITS is in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA, with another manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

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