ITS Welcomes Glen Moncatch, Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager

The lean term is Kaizen Event. (Kai = change, Zen = good)

ITS welcomes Glen Moncatch as our new Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager. We are thrilled to have Glen in this newly created role to continue the Continuous Improvement journey that ITS began 4 years ago.

Glen joins ITS with almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing, continuous improvement, and quality. 

“My objective is to develop a quality and continuous improvement culture that is aligned with the strategic initiatives. Empowering and engaging our ITS team is the goal,” explains Glen.

In the short 4 months that Glen has been at ITS, he has started to develop KPI dashboards, facilitated 2 Kaizen events, and a team building event.

  • KPI dashboards are being implemented throughout the value stream. This will allow process owners to make continuous improvements that are driven by data.
  • The events are focused on strategic actions: warranty reduction, and improving our scheduling process. Each team has completed the value stream mapping process, determined our current strengths and weaknesses, and have started to implement improvement ideas.
  • The team building was an effort to have collaboration between manufacturing and engineering, focusing on a common goal: a safety near miss. Below are their recommendations for Best Practices that can be applied to any team:


We are so happy that Glen has joined ITS and look forward to learning more about how we can make ITS an even better company.

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