ITS ships Dual Rotary Drum and Conveyor Washer with BHC Chemicals

ITS  Ships a Custom Combination Rotary Drum – Conveyor Belt Washer

ITS teams up with Brulin Chemical company on a Custom Rotary Drum-Conveyor Washer for a parts manufacturer

We are excited to share this project profile to highlight a custom washer and to highlight a great partnership with the chemical provider, Brulin Holding Company!

The customer is a premier parts manufacturer of industrial, commercial and residential parts and components, and needed to replace a wash system that was purchased in 1993. The washer was used to clean a wide variety of part sizes. Some of the parts were flat and could be processed on a conveyor belt, but some had a more complex shape, so a rotary washer was needed to fully clean those parts. Instead of two washers. ITS manufactured a washer with BOTH a rotary drum AND a conveyor to maximize production and reduce floor space. The three stage washer is capable of washing, rinsing and drying.

“It was a large custom washer that consisted of a combination rotary drum washer and conveyor washer installed side x side. They both used common solution tanks. They were cleaning small parts (such as fasteners) on the rotary drum side and then they were cleaning large parts and baskets on the conveyor side,” explains Eric Zills, Sales Manager.

Washer Dimensions:
Overall: 22’-3” long x 10’-6” wide x 12’-9” high
Conveyor: 16’ belt processes flat parts
Rotary Drum: 42”diameter, #304 stainless steel with internal auger processes more complexed shaped parts.

The customer worked with the chemical supply company, Brulin Holding Company (BHC), to determine the best solution to clean the parts. The chemicals needed to remove corrosion inhibitor oil, machining particulate, ambient soils and fingerprints prior to final assembly. BHC recommended AquaVantage® 3800 GD.
BHC Recommended Process:

Chemistry: AquaVantage® 3800 GD
Effective for a wide variety of manufacturing soils.
Low foaming for use in spray wash units at higher pressures.
NPE and phosphate free – disposal restrictions in plant region near large number of fresh water lakes.
Keys to Success
Process development by ITS engineering, applications and sales teams.
Part analysis and chemical recommendations by ITS industry partner, BHC.

Through a collaborative effort with the customer, and by utilizing the support and technological expertise of our industry partner, Brulin Holding Company, ITS was able to provide a cleaning system capable of repeatable results that exceeded all project requirements. Contact ITS and Brulin Holding Company for a proposal for your next project.

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Rotary Washer

Continuous rotary drum washers are designed to combine the gentle tumbling action with both immersion and spray to thoroughly clean, drain and dry unique parts. Continuous drum washers are best suited to process small to medium size parts that can be processed in bulk. Drum washers are ideal for the continuous processing of medium to high volume production rates. Drum washer can be continuously feed, our bulk loaded with ancillary metering systems to regulate part flow. Typical cleaning applications include fasteners, ammunition, bearings, stamped parts, fittings and metal chips.

Conveyor Washers

Conveyor parts washers clean oil, chemicals and dirt from parts of all sizes, trays and even pallets. After the parts are washed, they are ready to move through to the next phase of manufacturing, meeting critical part cleaning specifications. We offer single to multi-stage configurations, and can manufacture belt widths to exacting customer specifications with flat wire, balanced weave, mesh or various non-metallic materials handling designs and options for heat mediums include electric, gas, LPG or hot water and steam.

Have questions about which industrial parts washer is best for your project? Download the guide to selecting an Industrial Parts Washer.

Industrial Parts Washers
Industrial Parts Washer Guide to Building a Washer


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