Industrial Furnace Product Life Extension

In addition to supplying new thermal process equipment, International Thermal Systems also refurbishes industrial furnace and ovens to extend their productive life. Thermal process equipment can have an operating life of 20, 30 or more years. During this time, controls can become obsolete, process requirements can change, and moving parts (i.e., doors, belts, fans and motors) can wear out. ITS will develop a scope of work to extend the useful life of equipment based on the customer’s needs and within the customer’s budget.

As a case in point, ITS was approached by a manufacturer of rock crushing equipment that had an industrial furnace and quench station that they wished to automate. Their current setup required the use of a forklift for loading and unloading of the furnace and for dipping the load in the quench tank. The load was 4,000 lbs of bearing material and the operating temperature of the furnace was 1900° F. Needless to say, this operation was not well suited for a manual operation.

ITS designed and manufactured an automated quench system for the existing furnace. The modifications included adding a roller hearth to the furnace, supplying a hydraulic actuator for loading and unloading of the furnace and a lift mechanism for quickly lowering the customer’s product into the quench tank. These modifications when complete, extended the useful life of the furnace, improved the heat treat process (faster and more consistent quench time) and provided a safer work environment for the customer’s employees.

On other occasions, ITS has extended the life of thermal process equipment by replacing burners, fans and controls. ITS has also resized ovens or furnaces when the product requirements change or the time at temperature requires a change in the oven’s size.

ITS is available to assist the customer when existing thermal equipment needs to be modified or upgraded to address product changes, process enhancements or to replace worn-out hardware.

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