Composite Curing Ovens with Three-Five Air Flow Technology

Composite Curing for Aerospace

ITS now offers composite curing ovens with an out of autoclave solution. The carbon fiber market is growing and our composite curing oven stands above the rest with our proprietary Three-five air flow technology. Our air flow system guarantees temperature uniformity throughout the entire chamber. ITS offers out of autoclave composite curing ovens that provide the most economical, reliable solutions to meet aerospace composite processing requirements.

Our state-of-the-art designs incorporate multi-port part thermocouple and vacuum systems that meet NADCAP, AS9100 and AMS2750. ITS provides a complete composite curing system that includes a custom configured oven, integrated multi-port vacuum system, and process controller. The ITS composite curing oven maintains tight temperature uniformity +/-5°C or better.

For more information on the ITS composite curing oven, contact our sales department or call 414.672.7700.


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