5S Success – A Continuous Improvement Open House

ITS celebrated the completion of 5S projects in our piping, shipping and receiving departments. Employees were invited to tour each department and learn about the improvements in each area and the results of the changes.

What is 5S?

5S is a simple system for organizing and improving work areas.  Here’s what each S stands for:

Sort – eliminate the clutter; if in doubt, throw it out

Set in Order – organize and label; a place for everything and everything in its place

Shine – keep the area clean and equipment functioning properly

Standardize – create standards and rules for how to keep the area organized

Sustain – maintain the 5S discipline and keep the area in its improved state

As part of the Continuous Improvement initiative at ITS, each department including the office will go through the 5S process in 2018. Comparing the before and after photos is quite eye opening and the results are undeniable. The departments are well organized, everything has a place and a label, and the work environment is clean and presents a calm atmosphere for the entire team.

ITS Continuous Improvement Initiative at ITS
The 5S Success Open House at ITS



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