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ITS Industrial Ovens

For every application that requires heat processing, International Thermal Systems Industrial Products Division will design an industrial oven or furnace to exact standards with reliable, repeatable results.

Batch Ovens process products one at a time or in a single group.

Conveyor Ovens offer a variety of conveyance configurations including: Belt Conveyance Systems, Overhead Conveyance Systems, Chain Conveyance Systems, Powered Roller Conveyance Systems, Walking Beam Conveyance Systems, and Pusher Conveyance Systems.

Types of Heat Processing Ovens

Annealing Ovens eliminate internal stresses in materials such as glass, various alloys, and polymer.

Calcining Ovens create phase change or remove moisture.

Radiator Core Bake Oven is a batch process ovens designed to bond copper and brass radiators and heat exchangers.

Core Wash Drying Ovens dry core wash coating applied to sand cores.

The function of a Curing Oven is to cure a part, coating, or adhesive.

Drying Ovens remove moisture from a product.

The Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Oven removes the hydrogen infused during the cleaning and plating process.

Powder Coating Ovens are used to cure powder for painting applications.

A Preheat Oven is used in a variety of processes that require heating the product prior to a secondary process such as forming, coating, fitting or welding.

TruTemp Conveyor Ovens are available in standard sizes and are standalone units. They can also be used in conjunction with our TruClean Conveyor Washer as a dry-off oven.

Rotary Hearth Ovens are designed with a turntable to move the product in a circular motion within the heat chamber.

Tempering Ovens is to reduce the hardness of any steel or alloy formed product.

Thermal Degreasing Ovens cost effectively remove tooling oils from metal worked components or heat exchangers by vaporizing the oil.

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