Single Lane Case Washer ships to US Dairy Producer

Single Lane Case Washer

INTERNATIONAL THERMAL SYSTEMS ships a F60 single lane case washer. This industry leading all stainless steel case washer is capable of cleaning 60 dairy cases per minute. It includes a Prewash, Wash and a final Rinse using high pressure pumps all designed in one machine to produce incredible case cleaning. Our case washers have a proven reliability which have earned ITS this repeat order from a major US dairy producer.

We offer eight single lane models:

Model AA-5 Single Strand Chain Track Case Washer features a 1 stage hot wash treatment designed to clean 10 cases per minute. Models A-10, B-15, C-20 feature 2-stage cleaning. The first stage is a hot wash and the second stage is an ambient rinse. They are designed to clean 20, 25, and 30 cases per minute respectively.

Model D-30 Push-Thru Track Case Washer features a 3-stage treatment designed to clean 40 cases per minute. In the pre-wash stage 1, a large volume of hot low-pressure wash solution circulates over the cases to remove loose soils and soften difficult soils. Wash stage 2 uses hot high volume-high pressure solution to perform the final cleaning of the cases. In the rinse stage 3, ambient water recirculates and is applied at a low-pressure to rinse the cases free of chemicals before they exit the washer.

Model E-40 Push-Thru Track Case Washer features 4-stage treatment designed to clean 50 cases per minute. One pre-wash stage, two high volume high-pressure wash stages and one recirculated water low-pressure rinse stage thoroughly clean the largest number of cases per minute.

Model F60 is designed to clean 60 cases per minute

Model G-80 is designed to clean 80 cases per minute

For more information on case washers from International Thermal Systems, please contact our Washer group.




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