Industrial Parts Washer Division growing since acquiring the Continental Equipment Corporation (CEC)

Since acquiring the Continental Equipment Corporation in 2013, the ITS division of Industrial Washers has experienced strong sales growth.  The acquisition expanded our industrial parts washer line to include Belt, Monorail, Rotary Drum, Pallet and Case Washer Systems. The Ice Builder equipment serving the Dairy and Food & Beverage Market is also a major addition to our product line.

A quick introduction to all of the Industrial Parts Washer products:

The Belt Washer is the most universal type of industrial parts cleaning machine available. The aqueous belt washer can be furnished in configurations that can effectively clean the majority of metal parts in all shapes and sizes. The Belt Washer can also be furnished in single or multi-stage designs.

The Monorail Washer is a universal system serving a wide variety of OEM manufacturing applications. It is designed for mass production utilizing an overhead trolley monorail or power and free conveyor. Applications for a monorail washer include general parts cleaning and surface preparation for primary or finish coatings.

The Rotary Drum Washer is a universal system designed for batch production utilizing a powered rotary drum with an internal helix to transport the parts through the system.

The standard Case Washer (Double Lane and Single Lane) models are designed for cleaning dairy and beverage cases, tote boxes, and similar items. ITS offers 8 sizes of the single lane crate washer and 5 sizes of the double lane crate washer.Single Lane Case Washer

The TruClean Conveyor Parts Washers is designed in standard configurations that provide quick delivery at a reduced cost.   Our TruClean washers come in three widths, 12-inch, 18-inch and 30-inch, and are available from single stage up to three-stage units with ambient or heated stages.

The Monorail Parts Washer Systems are also designed in standard configurations and systems include wash, wash/rinse and wash/rinse and seal and are offered in multiple part openings.

The Pallet Washer is designed for optimal cleaning of standard size pallets. The Pallet Washer features one-piece stainless steel tank with rigid base and height adjustable feet. The tank bottom is sloped to large drains for easy tank cleaning. Product Opening of 12” or 18” Wide x 48” High. Delivery in just 12 weeks.

International Thermal Systems Ice Builder Division manufactures Latent Heat Storage Units for the HVAC, Dairy, and Food Processing industries.

International Thermal Systems Ice Builder

The Keg Washer is a new addition to the ITS line! Stay tuned for more information on this new product!

Keg Washer
New Keg Washer from International Thermal Systems

We are ready to work with you on your next industrial parts washer project! Contact sales for product information. Call 414.672.7700.


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