Battery Division ships FlashMaid to Mexico

Battery Plate DryerFlashMaid™ Plate Dryer

Paint is dry and ready to be loaded on a truck to Mexico!

This Flashmaid™ was sold to a customer in Mexico. It is a Standard M22 model that receives the plates from the paster and flash dries them at temperatures up to 900 Degrees F to reduce the plate moisture. If the plates do not properly dry, they will stick together when stacked and not be able to be cured, separated, and assembled into the battery assembly. As a measure to assist our customers to reduce the amount of lead dust in the air, we have added baghouse connections to the end stand that keeps the ends of the oven under a negative pressure to reduce as much lead dust emissions as possible. This can be seen on the right side of the end stand and is clearly labeled.

ITS is the only manufacturer on the market that designs and sells self cleaning flash dryers with components specifically engineered to help our customers give their employees a cleaner and safer place to work.

Plate Dryer for BatteryBattery Plate Dryer

Flashmaid Plate Dryer from ITS

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