Thank you! Hurricane Supplies have been delivered to Houston.

Thank you to Neal Ward and Josh Hennlich who organized the drive and to the ITS employees and friends who donated. We collected over 8 pallets of supplies in just 3 days. Thank you to Snap Logistics for driving the supplies to Houston over the weekend. 

Upon arrival in Houston, the Snap drivers were given a tour of the flooded areas and the supplies were quickly distributed. The program was a success and we are so happy to be able to help. Tragedy is never good, but watching people rally to help is very uplifting. Press release and pics below.


Milwaukee, WI, September, 2017, International Thermal Systems, LLC, (ITS) a global manufacturer of thermal processing industrial ovens, furnaces and washer systems teamed up with trucking company, Snap Logistics, to collect and ship supplies for those affected by hurricane Harvey. 

In just 3 days, ITS and Snap Logistics collected and shipped 8 pallets of food, water, clothing and other supplies. The drive was organized by ITS employees, Josh Hennlich and Neal Ward. “Having been through multiple hurricanes I know the feeling of despair when you’ve lost everything.  The feeling of being helped by perfect strangers gives you hope.  To see the outreach of generosity from everyone who has helped with this collection is a reminder of the kindness we all have in us,” explains Neal.

Snap Logistics drove the items to Houston over the weekend and delivered to a Houston police command center. Upon arrival, they were given a tour of the flooded areas.

“We are thankful for the donations received from the employees and the community as well. The drive was posted on social media and many people stopped in to drop off items,” explains Lori Phillips, Marketing Specialist.



Thank you to Josh Hennlich and Neal Ward who organized the drive.
Snap Logistics delivering supplies in Houston.
Snap drivers receive a tour of the flooded areas.
Snap drivers receive a tour of the flooded areas.
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